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Rupea Fortress in Medieval Transylvania

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Rupea Fortress in Medieval Transylvania, Romania Sunset image taken with a DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Cincsor Fairytale Village in Transylvania, Romania

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Cincsor Fairytale Village in Transylvania, Romania

The Slimnic Peasant Fortress

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The Slimnic fortress on the road from Sibiu to Mediaş. This was a simple military architecture complex with some defence towers. Inside, the fortress also hosted a small gothic chapel, the only one which can still be ...

Sunset in Sibiu

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Sunset in Sibiu, Romania


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Aerial view of a beautiful forificated church found in Romania.

Sunset in Sibiu

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Sunset in Sibiu

Scars of history

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This group of protrusion could shelter the remains of the Celtic warriors who fallen, perhaps in the battles with the Dacian tribes during the invasion of the Transylvanian Plateau.


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Transfagarasan highway.


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Fortified church

Medieval Myst

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