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Solar Farm

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Solar Farm near Deanshanger

Abengoa Solar

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Abengoa Solar

Solar Panels lead to the Mississippi River

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Newly installed solar panels along the Bee Branch Creek detention project, and the Mississippi River. Highways lead from Iowa to Wisconsin across the green bridge in the background.

Solar Rooftop

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Rochester School District Solar Rooftop Project

Solar Power Plant in Denmark

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Solar Power Plant at sunset.

Solar power plant in front of a nuclear Plant

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Special autorisation of the CNOA to fly near the nuclear plant of Cruas-Meysse. The allthe pictures on http://www.matthieucolin.com/survol-en-drone-dune-centrale-solaire-a-cruas/

STEBO HQ, Zero Energy office building, Genk, Belgium

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Energy ACTIVE office building, about 1100m² floorspace : produce yearly more energy then it consumes ( better then passive house results !). Heating & cooling by deep geothermal heatpump with electric compensation...

Isle of Wight

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10.8MW Solar Farm

Laindon Solar Farm

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An Overview of the newly built solar farm in Laindon, Essex. UK

Laindon Solar Farm

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An Overview of the newly built solar farm in Laindon, Essex. UK

La garde de dieu, Gard, France

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From August 18 – 25, with Nino (my son, who is 13 and a half years old) who has gone along with me on this adventure, we have been walking in the Cévennes and Gévaudan, with a prototype of a mobile desk using self-su...

Boston Harbor

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A shot of the largest solar powered boat sitting at the dock in Boston harbor.