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Jaen , Spain

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Dolphins from above in a photo ID program with Ecological association in Catalonia

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Dolphins from above in a photo ID program with Ecological association in Catalonia

Abengoa Solar

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Abengoa Solar

Rio Retortillo

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Rio Retortillo

Cañada Rosal

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Cañada Rosal


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Presa del Retortillo

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Presa del Retortillo

Timanfaya View

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view on the Timanfaya park

Famara view

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View on the Famara Risk

Calmaria no Mar de Lanzarote

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Lanzarote é uma Ilha Vulcânica que faz parte das Gran Canarias Ilhas Espanholas . Sua Capital é Arrecife e possui uma área de 845,9km2 e com seus vulcões adormecidos. Seus contrastes na Landscape são bem visíveis. ...

Sequía cenital

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This is a shot taken on autumn 2017 in Embalse de Entrepeñas (Spain), where the devastation of the place is clearly visible due to global warming and the wrong regulations taken nationwide that take water out of empov...


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Fantastico volo su Valencia, a febbraio ripeto !

Barrio Obrero, Huelva, Spain

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Barrio Obrero is a neighbourhood located in Huelva, a city of the south-west of Spain. It is the place where English people lived in early 20th century whom worked in Rio Tinto’s minery business. These are high clas...

No fear

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The beautiful and fearless Stefanie Millinger Milli-Artist (aka ëmwolf) visits Lanzarote and shows her amazing strength & flexibility. The golden Buzzer finalist at GGT, born in Austria, loves adrenaline and is a ...

Surfers wait

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Surfers Xago

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Ria Aviles

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en los límites del CTR el aeropuerto de Asturias. www.alphadrones.es

Sunset in El Tiemblo, Spain

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Shot with DJI Mavic 2 Pro

Sand forms in tidal area

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Bizarre sand formation between beaches, muddy plains and marshes over a large estuary of Cadiz Bay, around salt marsh of Isla Trocadero created by action of the sea and fluvial sediments deposited over centuries. Cadi...

Trees of life

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Water leaks from collecting channel over the tidal plain, also traversed by livestock, in the salt marsh of Barbate. After decades of drought, grasses grow around small tidal streams near the sand dunes of Andalucia, ...