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Cliffs of Normandy

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Varengeville sur mer

Cascade de Soulou – Mayotte

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Hot spot touristique, ancienne baie où accostaient les pirates pour se ravitailler en eau douce, c'est la cascade de soulou, sur la commune de tsingoni...on y arrive en traversant une forêt de bambous majestueuse...un...

La Junction

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Pointe de la Jonction. the 2 rivers of Le Arve and Le Rhone meeting in Geneva, Switzerland. ShareComments0Like0Favorite00EditDelete


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Infinite Road to Transylvania (10)

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Infinite Road to Transylvania (10)

Versoix Harbour on Lake Geneva

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Versoix Harbour on Lake Geneva

Transalpina Road, Romania

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Transalpina Road, Romania. Part of the Infinite road to Transylvania project, July 2017.

Blossom Road

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A road on the country side in the middle of blossom tree.

“S” is for SPEED!

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"S" is for SPEED!

Road to Transylvania (10) – Summer version

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Road to Transylvania (10) - Summer version

4 Seasons in 1 Image

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This is the Bogata forest road (E60) that takes you trough Transylvania. Yes, that Transylvania. Today I managed to visit the place once again with the drone and take the 4th picture for the series: 4 seasons in 1 ima...

Spring Morning

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A beautiful spring morning over the Cuchara Valley in southern Colorado, June 2017.

Fog over Meerau near Oberstaufen while Hochgrat already in the morning sun

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While still foggy in the Jugetbach valley the sun comes up in the the Hochgrat region near Oberstaufen in the Allgäu


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While flying my drone over a swamp i saw pair of swan. One was sitting on the nest and the other one was nearby searching for food.

Field art

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Tractor making abstract art on the field.

Above the clouds

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Warm weather and cold water temperatures make the Baltic Sea steam in springtime. This photo is taken with drone 150 meters above the sealevel and the clouds/mist in Estonia.

Swamp lake

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Seagulls and swans nesting and searching for food on a swamplake in Estonia.


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Thousands of seagulls searching for food as the tractor works on the fields.

Eating time

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Thousands of seagulls searching for food as the tractor works on the fields.


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Pedestrian bridge over small river in Estonia.