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View of downtown bridges

Hero Square Budapest

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Budapest Citadel

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A Shadow of itself.

Budapest Citadel

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Budapest Citadel

Hero’s Square Budapest, Hungary

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Hero's Square Budapest, Hungary

not square… square

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As in the title.

A Pavement Train

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A Pavement Train


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Los Fueros Square in Estella, Navarre.

Fueros of Estella

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Los Fueros Square from above.

Nature an peace in Brazil

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Praça da Paz, located in the city of Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.

Sky´s watching you

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mystical town Halle an der Saale, (Germany) central square

Geometric view

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Circles, squares, triangles, crosses, lines, parallels ... An hypnotic visit of the geometric shapes that surround us, whether recent or ancient, natural or human activity. A journey through the air, like birds, and a...

Independence Square from above, Kaunas, Lithuania

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Stunning aerial view of Independence square with St. Michael the Archangel Church in the center a.k.a Sobor

Lines playing in the square

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Lines playing in the square

times square

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City square with the shadow play in Nazare, Portugal.

Bosnyák Square

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Bosnyák Square

Unirii Square, Bucharest, Romania

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Long exposure nightshot in the main square of the capital of Romania.

Parque Santander, Chía, Cundinamarca, Colombia

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This is the main square in this town

Tower and the city of Thessaloniki

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Aerial view of famous White Tower and the city of Thessaloniki at night, Greece

Piazza Bentivoglio, Gualtieri. RE Italy

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Piazza Bentivoglio è stata realizzata dall'architetto ferrarese Giovan Battista Aleotti detto l'Argenta. All’Argenta si deve anche il progetto del massiccio Palazzo Bentivoglio, residenza dei marchesi di Gualtieri, ch...

Cracow Main Square

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Old polish capital, the city of kings.

Praça do Pomar – Jardim Oceânico, Barra da Tjuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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All roads poin to to Pomar Plaza at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro!


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The Newly renovated "Old Synagogue'" a bit of old style architecture : )

Marija Bistrica, Croatia.

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The Calvary on the Mountain, at the Shrine of Marija Bistrica!