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Christ statue in Pantheon of Remembrance, Tlanepantla, Mexico City

Cristo Rei of Lisbon

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View of Cristo Rei statue in Lisbon, inspired by the homonymous statue in Rio de Janeiro. In the background the bridge 25 de Abril, made by the same consortium that build the famous Golden Gate of San Francisco.

Buddha Statue – Northern Thailand – B & W

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Captured this aerial after following some local monks in a pick up truck through the mountain roads and ended up here.

Water Statue – Hua Hin – Thailand – Lake

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Came across this statue in a small lake outside Hua Hin and wanted to create an aerial that turned out more like art piece.

Statue of Christ , Hundred Islands National Park

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A newly erected statue of Jesus Christ watches over the passageways of Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan

Mountain Temple – Thailand – Nature

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This temple is located in the middle of the mountains around 1 hour from #chiangmaictiy in the district of #lamphun On a recent trip I was speaking to a monk who said we build rural temples to turn the mind away f...

Monteagudo, Spain

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Castillo de Monteagudo

La Madone in the Jura mountains

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La Madone in the Jura mountains

Big City gearwheel

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Soviet worker looking over Moscow

The face of saints

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A close up on the face of the Santo Eccehomo statue as he looks out on the Colombian town of Valledupar.

Temple Aerial – Courtyard Tiles – Thailand

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This aerial I took is of the tiles outside on a Thai Temple Courtyard.


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Sunrise over the Freedom Monument in Riga, Latvia. It is honouring soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence (1918–1920)

Ancient Temple Ruins – Old City – Thailand

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• ANCIENT CITY RUINS • I took this aerial shot South of #chiangmaicity in the area of San Pa Tong in Thailand is #wianthakang which has a few ruins left from it's ancient city dating back to around the 10th century...


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Elogio del Horizonte, www.alphadrones.es


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Elogio del Horizonte, www.alphadrones.es


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Elogio del Horizonte, www.alphadrones.es


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Elogio del Horizonte, www.alphadrones.es

Vista Chinesa, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.

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A colorful sunrise in Rio, one of the best!

Temple Statue Thailand

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An Aerial of a Temple Statue which is of Famous Monk In Lamphun Thailand who built the road to Chiang Mai's most famous Temple, Wat Doi Suthep

Golden Monk Statue Looks Over Town In Thailand

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On a recent trip I cam across this Golden Monk Statue overlooking the local town in Thailand as you drone past the highway. The story goes this was a monk who built the road from Lamphun to Chiang Mai's Temple Doi Sut...

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