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Beautiful Tihany after storm 4K

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Dorset Sky

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Once again, with an incoming set of dark looming clouds at sunset time so much beauty can be seen when you have your drone with you.

Evening rainbow

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Just a few minutes before the sunset a dramatic rainbow appeared over my hometown...

My First Drone photo

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My first frame from my Phantom 4, captured after work on the outskirts of the town, well away from the airport

Chasing the Storm

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Chasing the storm in Namibia.

Emerging storm

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Emerging storm with beautiful image


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Waiting: the storm - the passage of the birds - the wind blowing. waiting for

A Battle

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A Battle

Dramatic Sky

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Dramatic Sky, Kaunas, Lithuania

Storm Clouds

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Storm Clouds, Kaunas, Lithuania


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Pure natural beauty from mother nature from above. During Blizzard snow sotrm Stella that hit the North East United States earlier this year covers a junkyard full of cars creating an incredible work of art.

Volga river, Samara

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Storm clouds over the river. Samara, Russia

Incoming Storm over Cornwall

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While heading my drone back from over the sea I managed to capture this incoming storm heading towards the beach where I was camped up. Fortunately it passed by without much rain fall.

After The Storm in NYC

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Sunset shining on Manhattan through the clouds

Diamond Valley Lake

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Diamond Valley Lake during the wildflower season

Capo Milazzo – After storm

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Shoot after storm in Sicily, Capo Milazzo.

Storm on the sea of Thermaic Gulf, Chalkidiki, Greece

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Chalkidiki is a famous tourism international destination for the summer as there are 550 km of beautiful beaches. The storm on the sea may be a freight for swimming but it is a great opportunity for drone lovers.

Stormy Talacre

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Taken at Talacre Beach, North Wales with my DJI Mavic

Double rainbow

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Double rainbow over Kaunas city, Lithuania

sun breaks through

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between rain storms, the sun pokes through for just a few minutes to make a rainbow.

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