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Wolf Field Cemetery Budapest

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Prominent cemetery in Buda part of Budapest established at the late 19th century.

Wolf Field Cemetery Budapest

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Cemetery core of the elite in Buda side of the city providing final rating place to many know countryman.

Between mists

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The picturesque village of Tavertet is located on top of a cliff next to a precipice where it offers us impressive views of the Sau reservoir.

Melancholic shadows

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Artsy play of light at the end of the day on the Bohinj Lake.

Last ride in

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Standup paddlers taking one last ride into the sunset on Sava river.

Blue heart of Europe

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Beautiful Valbona Valley just moments before the sundown.


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HDR of 8 Pictures taken by Yuneec H520


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HDR of 8 pictures by the yuneec h520

Sundown Lübeck

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Sundown at Lübeck-Germany

Sundowner Lübeck

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the sky was on fire... great sundown in Lübeck

Malta Sundown Trail

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A nice view on a trail in the northern part of Malta, St Agatha’s Tower

Malta Fortress

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Nice view of St Agatha’s Tower on the northern part of Malta, late in the afternoon

Sun is down – Veresegyház city

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South Side

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First flights before sunset south of Jena, Germany

Krasno Town, Slavkov Forest Plateau, West Bohemia, Czech Republic

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Next clip from the Slavkov Forest Plateau in Czech Republic. The town of Krásno (Schönfeld in German) lies at an altitude of about 700m in the picturesque landscape of Slavkovský Forest. The first written mention of...

Kamenice u Březové, West Bohemia, Czech Republic

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In the summer 2016 I flew variously along the Slavkov Forest Plateau in Czech Republic, and visited various place of this protected nature area with many national parks - this is the first clip of this series, On ...

Oloví, West Bohemia, Czech Republic

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Kamenice, West Bohemia, Czech Republic

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Sunset at Kamenice, West Bohemia, Czech Republic

Myponga Beach

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Myponga Beach in South Australia


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Merida Estado Merida

Port Isaac, Cornwall, UK

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the drinking village with a fishing problem