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Lake Illawarra, NSW Australia

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Sunrise at Lake Illawarra, New South Wales Australia

Sunrise Video – Clouds Fog – Victoria Australia

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Check out the sunrise over Central Victoria! Getting past the low fog and cloud to reveal an amazing winter sunrise.

Sunrise Above the Fog and Clouds

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Good Morning Bendigo. Cruising above the fog, waiting for this spectacular sunrise in Central Victoria.

Coastal lighthouse

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Wollongong harbour lighthouse at dawn

Wollongong Harbour NSW Australia

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A Wollongong sunrise

The Cathedral of the Assumption in Varna

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Aerial view of rainbow and The Cathedral of the Assumption in Varna

Sunrise over Czech Canadian

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I'd spent a beautiful calm night before I woke up in the middle of this beautiful nature of Czech Canadian. The sun woke me up with warm rays and the new amazing day in the life was right behind the corner.

Liverpool sunrise over the River Mersey

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A new dawn, a new day, and I'm feeling... in love with my awesome Mavic 2 Pro

Conwy Dawn

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Sunrise on the River Conwy in North wales

The pier of Scheveningen in The Hague!

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Sunrise at the beach in Hollands city of The hague!


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Damme, near Bruges, Belgium

Peaceful easy feeling

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Blokkreek in Sint Jan in Eremo, Belgium

Kalkense Meersen

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Beautiful misty sunrise in Kalken, Belgium

Sonnenaufgang im Winterwald

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Traumhaft schöner Wintermorgen im Wald!

Abu Dhabi Desert – misty sunrise

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Camping in the desert we awoke to a blanket of mist. After sending the Mavic Air up through it, we were greeted with sights like this.


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All footage shown was captured in accordance with the CAA Air Navigation Order 2016 and with Permissions for Commercial Operations (PfCO). A range of cameras, lenses and editing techniques were used in the producti...

Canary Wharf, London, UK

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Canary Wharf, London, UK Early morning.

Laguna blue

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Sunrise above the stunning Croatian coast.

Little harber in Holland!

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Empty harber in winter. low sun gives long shadows!

Sun Rising Over The Frozen River

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The sun rises over the frozen river on a cold morning in the rural Finland. Everything is covered with the driven snow.

Sun Rising Over The Frozen River

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The sun rises over the frozen river on a cold morning in the rural Finland. Everything is covered with the driven snow.

Sunrise shadow!

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A foggy morning in the hart of Holland near the city of Utrecht.

Sunrise mist

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After a few farly warm days in spring, the weather forecast said: cold night and clear sky. Around here that means fog all over the place. I got out of bed early, trying to catch that foggy sunrise and I was lucky! Fo...

Between mists

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The picturesque village of Tavertet is located on top of a cliff next to a precipice where it offers us impressive views of the Sau reservoir.