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Canoes Along Diamond Head’s Shoreline

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A postcard perfect view of colorful outrigger canoes anchored in crystal blue waters near the shores of Diamond Head. Diamond Head is a volcanic crater, and a famous iconic landmark. Its located on the South Shore of ...

Monday Morning Traffic – Cabarita

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The best sort of traffic - a single surfer on a lone wave

Monday Morning Traffic – Cabarita

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The best sort of traffic - a lone surfer with a wave to himself


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Surfing Girls, Summer Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lonely Surfer

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Surfer solitario www.alphadrones.es


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Her name is Julia, surfing girl.

Surfer Paradise Seaway

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amazing aerial view of the seaway on surfer paradise island in queensland, australia

Surfer Paradise

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The beach and the city of Surfer Paradise at nightfall, queenland, australia


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Surfer in Majorque North Coast


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Surfer in Majorque North coast


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Spot du Moule

Surfer at sunrise on the beach

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Surfer at sunrise on the beach, going for his early morning surf

Surfer catching a wave

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Surfer dude catching a wave on the back line

On the way to the surf break

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@nadiaerostarbe at Rip Curl GromSearch European Finals 2016

Morning Surf Session

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Surfer headed out shortly after sunrise at Kealia Beach, Kaua'i.

Fractal Ocean

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A surfer paddling out through the breaking waves

Surf black and white

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Surf in Asturias. Black and white. www.alphadrones.es

Dawn Patrol

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... early morning surf action in Huntington Beach ...

Lonely surfer

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Lonely Surfer enjoying a beautiful sunny morning at Secret Harbour Beach.

Portuguese surfer

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Portuguese surfer braving the cold temperature of feburary.