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Tabletop Swamp

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Above Tabletop Swamp in Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory. Surrounded by paperbarks, Tabletop Swamp is a small wetlands area on the plateau which attracts water birds.


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swamp in Guadalest


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Aerial shot of marshy meadows. Moscow region, Russia.


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Les marais salant en Charente Maritime, France

Cenu tirelis, Latvia

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Flying in sunrise over swamp..


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The two dead trees in a roadside swamp.

The New Continents

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An aerial picture taken with the help of a multicopter (drone) above the swampy areal of Cenas Tirelis near Riga, Latvia. The image resembles to a new shaped world, the islands simulating new continents on Earth, afte...


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While flying my drone over a swamp i saw pair of swan. One was sitting on the nest and the other one was nearby searching for food.

Swamp lake

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Seagulls and swans nesting and searching for food on a swamplake in Estonia.

Walkpath in the swamp

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Walkpath in the swamp, Kaunas county, Lithuania

Curvy river stream

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Curvy river stream to a lake Latazeris, not far from Druskininkai City, Lithuania

Tessellated Mud Flats

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As the water evaporates and the mud dries, the vegetation takes its hold on the swamp land.

Burned Earth at Midway Hwy 50

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Results of the Central Florida fires in the months of draught.

Wind, Earth, and Fire!

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A view of the St. Johns River and the draught starved wilderness, fire smoke in the horizon, South Easterly view, from Midway Hwy 50.

“Leaping beast” in a swamp (fun shape from the sky), brittany, france

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Ambon swamp, Brittany

Swamp form, morbihan, brittany, france

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Dry swamp near Ambon, Brittany, France

Marécage / Swamp

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Dry swamp in Morbihan, Brittany

Ratargul, Sylhet

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Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet is naturally, a landscapic place. Ratargul is a well kept secret swamp forest in it. We were tripping around the forest, while keeping our eyes open from the top! It was such a beautifu...

Baton rouge

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Atmosphere Aerial

Baton rouge

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Atmosphere Aerial

Baton rouge

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Atmosphere Aerial

Baton rouge

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Atmosphere Aerial

Baton rouge

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Atmosphere Aerial

Baton rouge

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Atmosphere Aerial