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Carlton River – Tasmania

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You could be forgiven for thinking this was a tropical locale. No, this is southern Tasmania where the Carlton River meets Tiger Head Bay looking down Park Beach

One Tree – Outback Tasmania

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Undeniably a natural sculpture - A sign of the times?

Two Trees – Outback Tasmania

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These majestic beauties still have appeal long after the leaves are gone

The Port of Devonport, Tasmania (Australia)

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Took this lovely shot whilst do some reconnaissance flying for an upcoming job in the area. The Spirit of Tasmania ferry can be seen in the background

Tulips in the Afternoon Sun (Tasmania, Australia)

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There is a larger tulip farm close by at Table Cape but this one caught my eye due to the dramatic backdrop overlooking Bass Straight

The Port of Devonport, Tasmania (Australia)

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Scouting an industrial job gave me the perfect opportunity to snap this lovely image of the Port of Devonport. In the background is the red and white ferry (The Spirit of Tasmania) which carries passengers and freight...

The Sun Princess in Burnie Australia

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This was the first cruise ship to the port of Burnie for the summer season

The Port of Burnie, Tasmania

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Here I positioned my drone above a disused factory which helped to achieve a unique perspective of Burnie Port

Stanley, Tasmania and The Nut (Australia)

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An ancient volcanic plug called The Nut is a prominent feature in Stanley Tasmania

Rain approaches in Dover

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Some photography was to be had moments before the heavens opened up in Dover, Southern Tasmania. - Aeroaust Imagery

Lichen of the north west (Australia)

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The lichen that forms on the coastal rocks around Tasmania can be a deep ochre colour. The contrast here between the green foliage,the grey/brown rocks and the ochre lichen is spectacular. Mind you I would have proffe...

Boat Harbour Panorama

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Boat Harbour in North West Tasmania is always photogenic but from this height we get a new perspective

Devils Gullet Cliffs Tasmania.

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A Beautiful flight around the cliffs at Devils Gullet Tasmania.

Leven Canyon Tasmania

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A great view above and between the depths of the Leven Canyon Tasmania...


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A trip to The Edge Of The World on Tasmania`s rough west coast and deep in to the wilderness of Arthur River Tasmania...

Sandy Bay, Tasmania

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Sandy Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Hobart, Tasmania

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Hobart, Tasmania

Derwent River, Tasmania, Australia

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In the gully over the river.

Low Head,Tasmania, Australia

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Low Head lighthouse central north coast of Tasmania Australia

Low Head,Tasmania, Australia

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Lighthouse and beach at Low Head on the central north coast of Tasmania

Rabbit Island, Tasmania

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The beauty of weekends is that I can sneak out for a fly in the morning, and then again in the afternoon :-) Waiting for the clouds to move on so the light was on the island was a bit nerve-wracking. I've only owne...

Bakers Beach, Narawntapu National Park, Tasmania

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Last light over Narawntapu National Park, North West Tasmania

Penguin Island, Tasmania

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Penguin Island lies in the entrance to the Rubicon River, in Tasmania's north west. The island is home to approximately 100 pairs of Little Penguins, the world's smallest penguin species.


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Few landscapes I've seen in Australia (Sydney, Tasmania, Phillip Island)