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Abandoned tennis courts in the Skaryszewski Park, Warsaw, Poland, 2020

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The picture shows inactive tennis courts and the building of the restaurant which is now closed as well. The non-functioning establishment is now a subject of heated discussion what it should serve now.

Tennis courts

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Tennis fields

Hanging on tennis court

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I was playing tennis for about 3 hours and all the time the photo was in my mind. The issue was that I forgot to take my drone with me. But that couldn't stop me. Jumped in the car, went back home, took the ''bird'' a...


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Tennis Courts at Woodbrige, Irvine, CA.

Tennis courts

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Tennis courts in Benidorm

Order in The Courts

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the contrast of colors it was inspired me to capture this image.

100% B

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Game on.

Tennis and Futsal Court

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Tennis and Futsal Court in West Jakarta

Swing time / Balancoire…

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Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Fun Climbing

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Another version of my classic shot! Wider angle this time... Taken in Calthorpe Park Tennis Club, Fleet, Hampshire, UK

Tennis Courts

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These are the tennis courts where I have been playing my whole life. They are hidden away and I love the secrecy and serenity of it when I play.

Game. Set. And Match

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Game. Set. And Match

Urban Playground

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Above urban playground in Vilnius capital City of Lithuania.


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New rules in the world of Visual Drone Art always find lines to hang on too. Instagram @zekedrone @visualdroneart

Weekend activity

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Tennis Court in Saigon Railway Station

Chateau de Montour

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Decouvrez le chateau de montour dans le sud de Paris www.dronedephoto.fr

Chateau de Montour

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Chateau de Montour au coeur de la foret de Jouy le Potier


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When you walk around a new world perspective you forget what is up and what is down. Here is my @visualdroneart of the day. Falling from the edge of lines. Follow me on Instagram @zekedrone Follow my Visual Drone ...

The Court

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Quite simply a tennis court on a spring day

Bombaye, Belgium

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clubs de tennis

Bombaye, Belgium

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clubs de tennis

Sassari, Sardinia, Italy

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A tennis match between friends from an unusual perspective

Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece

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Tennis courts & swimming pool.

Club Campestre Aguascalientes

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Club Deportivo Campestre Aguascalientes