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Copacabana beach

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Relax in copacabana beach

The Circus is in Town

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Circus tent from above

Don’t look down

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Camping on the edge of the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Camping on the edge

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The edge of the Grand Canyon, A massive drop off.

The Best Camping Spot

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An aerial perspective of camping in the winter

Corey Seemann landing his American Champion Scout

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Professional skier and pilot Corey Seemann lands his American Champion Scout for a night under the stars in his Big Agnes tent!

Camping on a mountain at midnight

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Camping on one of Icelands most famous mountain, Kirkjufell at midnight

Camping on the beach

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Auvika, Bodø, Norway

Between Desert and Steppe, Mongolia

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Camping between Bayan Gobi Desert and Steppe in Central Mongolia. This is a very special place to me for 2 reasons: - You can witness the struggle for life of nomadic people of Mongolia made more difficult by the gl...

Bayan Gobi Desert

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Yes, this is a dronie... of me behind the camel! Picture taken in Central Mongolia in May 2015. We were camping in the Bayan Gobi Desert, and our pack camel was resting. Not impressed at all by the drone, just curious.