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mavic 2 pro 80MPH… sort of

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Dji Mavic 2 pro footage at 80mph. source

Tesla Factory

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Overview of one of the 2 Tesla factories in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Model X Wings

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Model X wings in a Rapeseed Field

Tesla Model X

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Tesla Model X in a Rapeseed field in Warwickshire, England

Suttgart, Austria, Switzerland

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Footage from the WAVE 2014, the biggest rally for all-electric cars. It lead from Stuttgart down to Austria and the Swiss alps.

Art Hotel Tours

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"Inspired Day", organized by Club Tesla France at Art Hotel Tours. A great thank you to all of you & see you soon. "Inspired Day" organisé par le Club Tesla France à Art Hotel Tours Un grand merci à chacun d'...

Winners announced

Dronestagram drone photo contest 2018

Dear dronists,
We are very excited to announce the winners of the 5th annual International Drone Photography Contest. Thank you all for participating! We are very proud of our community!

We now have 3 beautiful winners. Please have a look at the Winners page and discover their amazing work!

stay tuned!