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Court of Appeals, Houston Texas

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First court of Appeals, Downtown Houston


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Moo cows

Austin Texas sunset.

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My first published photo from my Mavic 2 Pro. Sunset in downtown Austin, Texas.

Stonehenge II in Texas

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This place is really interesting. Out in the Texas Hill Country and I see Stonehenge? Had to pause and get some shots and videos.

Austin at sunset time

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200 m above - beautiful warm sunset time in Austin

Sunset over the park in Austin, TX

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Beautiful sunset time, Austin, TX

Congress Ave, Austin, Texas

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Austin street view

Paradise Canyon San Antonio

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Paradise Canyon San Antonio Filmed with a Dji Phantom 3 4k. The rive is used for tubing a little bit further up stream where it is deeper. This was my first attempt at editing using DaVinci Resolve and Wondershare Fi...

Autumn Pond

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River Atchafalaya basin, Texas

San Angelo State Park – Jeep

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A Jeep Wrangler traversing a back road in San Angelo State Park, Texas


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Pool as Horseshoe Bay

Go Spurs Go!

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Beautiful picture showing some of the prides of the Alamo City: The Texan and Spurs Flag over a skyscraper, The Tower of the Americas and The Alamodome!

Soccer Training

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Billy Forbes, the football soccer super star of the San Antonio Football Club training.

The Alamodome!

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The Alamodome, one of the worlds famous landmarks of San Antonio Texas!


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This is an aerial picture of some people over the world famous barges of the River Walk at San Antonio, Texas

Under Construction

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This is a shot taken of the construction of my house in San Antonio, Texas

Tower Life Building

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Standing in the middle of downtown San Antonio, this is a beautiful skyscraper that's been a Landmark of this beautiful City!

1870 House

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This is an 1870 house that is standing at the entrance of King William Neighborhood in San Antonio Texas.


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Hey! It's amazing how the things change from above! It gives you a different an amazing perspective!

Drone portrait

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I wanted to experiment with taking photos of people with a drone.

Urban swamp

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Urban swamp in north texas

Big City Canyons at Dawn

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Downtown Dallas, Texas at the dawn of a crisp autumn day - captured with a DJI Phantom 4 on October 8, 2016 at 7:01 a.m. with flight permission from the Dallas Love Field control tower

Drone Runner

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A play on the neo-Noir sci-fi classic Blade Runner, this aerial image of a cloverleaf highway intersection imagines drones patrolling the skies for replicants.

Amarillo Skyline

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Amarillo skyline featuring the Santa Fe building at dusk