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Koh Chang (Thaïlande)

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Ko Chang, l'une des plus grandes îles thaïlandaises du golfe de Thaïlande, est couverte d'une jungle dense et escarpée. Ko Chang, one of the largest Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand, is covered by a dense and st...

Pulau putih et pulau putih kecil (La plage Blanche)

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Komodo, en indonésien Pulau Komodo, est une île d' Indonésie faisant partie des petites îles de la Sonde et située entre Sumbawa et Florès. Komodo, in Indonesian Pulau Komodo, is an island in Indonesia that is part o...

Rice Farm Harvest – Chiang Mai Thailand

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An aerial I took over the rice fields of a recent rice farm harvest in rural part of the northern Thailand Countryside.

Aerial Ocean View Hua Hin Thailand

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Aerial I took over beaches south of Hua Hin

CHRISTMAS STAR PARADE 2016 at Tharae, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.

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Let's celebrate christmas festival with the dazzling star parade on more than 200 cars together with Santa Claus parade, angels and join the Mass ceremony and carry the star while walking around the church. Let's watc...

Village Life – Northern Thailand – Mae Wang

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Took this aerial over a village in Northern Thailand.

Golf Course Aerial – Chiang Mai – Thailand Countryside

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Captured this aerial over the beautiful golf course and nature around Chiang Mai.

Take A Break – Aerial Buddha – Chiang Mai

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Captured this Buddha Statue in Chom Thong Northern Thailand.

Sunny Days – Mountain Range – Thailand

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After a ride through the farm lands of Northern Thailand outside Chiang Mai I cam across this view point and took this shot. The air was so fresh and clean.

Golf Course Shadows – Man By Bunker

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Captured this aerial of a groundskeeper in Thailand taking their lunch break by the bunker one of the Holes at the Golf Course

Buddha Statue – Northern Thailand – B & W

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Captured this aerial after following some local monks in a pick up truck through the mountain roads and ended up here.

Man Vrs Nature – Digging Up The Quarry – Thailand

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This aerial was taken over a beautiful part of Thailand and after taking this shot it left me with mixed feelings about man with machines in nature.

Aerial – Lake Meets Forest – Chiang Mai – Thailand

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• HIDDEN NATURE • ▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️▫️ The one thing I love about Chiang Mai is the fact you can be in the city one minute then 20 minutes later you can be by a lake and a forest. #northernthailand will always br...

River Dam – Chiang Mai – Thailand – Aerial – Black And White

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Took this black and white aerial photo over a dam near Chiang Mai along the river.

Lily Lake – Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai

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Captured this aerial over a lake near Chiang Mai on a recent scooter ride reflections of the clouds on your water.

Fisherman Throwing His Net – River Fishing Thailand

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Captured this aerial in Chiang Mai Thailand above a river of a fisherman launching his net for his catch.

Rice Field Aerial – Canal Water – Thailand

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Capture this aerial over Mae Taeng near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand during the lovely month of October.

River Float – Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai – Countryside

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Took this aerial of the beautiful river and countryside outside of Chiang Mai in Thailand.

Elephants Walking River – Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai

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Captured these elephants from above enjoying a river walk

Sunset over the River of Kings

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The Chao Phraya River is always buzzing with activity. Even though the sun is setting these tug boats continue to toil up and down the river. After dark, the party boats come out as well. This photo is taken looki...

Migrating Tugs

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During the monsoon season, the Chao Phraya River's flow is much stronger. This requires the tug boats to team up to haul their barges up the river during low tide.

Paradise Island

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Cozy beach on the tiny Island Koh Rayang Nok in the Andaman Sea, Trat, Thailand

Wat Chanasongkhram Ratchaworamahawihan

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beautiful temple in center of Bangkok

Biggest thai buddha

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Buddhist temple drone pic