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Abandoned Water Park

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Abandoned Water Park

Park Rozrywki Energylandia – Boomerang Roller Coaster – Drone

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Boomerang Roller Coaster – atrakcja uniwersalna – zapewniającą zarówno, fajne ekstremalne momenty z dreszczykiem ale w „rozsądnej dawce” ;) – dostępna ... source

Monza Brianza, Milan, Italy

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abandoned rollercoaster


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Abandoned rollercoaster in the amusement park of Greenland, opened in the 60s and closed down in 2008. Nature has almost conquered back all the ground around, only this rusty ride remains.

Thorpe Park, UK

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Rizzle Kicks & Sigma perform at Thorpe Park


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Expect the unexpedted

Abandoned Theme Park – Wooden Roller Coaster – Branson, MO

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A beautiful aerial shot of the former Ozark Wildcat wooden rollercoaster at the abandoned Celebration City theme park in Branson, MO. When I saw this unique loop in the track, I knew it would make for an amazing b/...

Thorpe Park, UK

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Thorpe Park Resort - Ethans Journey

Thorpe Park, UK

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Thorpe Park Resort, Them Park