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Fishery Platforms

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Platforms used to grow fishes.

Tiny World

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Lighthouses through the 1000 Islands and Alexandria Bay, New York. These light houses are critical to the many ships that navigate the narrow rocky waterways. Photo: Justen Soule

Hazy dawn patrol

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Kayakers taking first ride in the misty morning on Soča river.

River blues

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Kayakers from birdeye's perspective on the amazing Vjosa river.

Summer Patterns

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Summer Patterns

The Catwalk

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The Catwalk

Exploring the Danube Delta in canoes

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Exploring the Danube Delta in canoes DJI Mavic Air

Bay Area

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Photo of the bay area, mostly silicon valley

Palo Alto

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Palo Alto

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Just a picture I took of an interesting...street?

Snow Dunes

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Dunes... Sunrise along Chemong Lake this morning right as the sunlight crested the horizon, illuminating the snow drifts. When shooting the tourism projects in winter I often find myself shooting mostly during golden ...

flat lay on a glacier

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flat lay on a glacier. Is this what they call "knolling"? Find more travel inspiration at http://www.instagram.com/simonmigaj

Redhead Beach Newcastle NSW Australia

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Here is one of my first aerial shots from my new P4P+. I’m really enjoying learning a new type of photography and editing process.

Kate Skates

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Professional ice skater Kate skating on the frozen ice of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, MN.


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Three girls synchronize swimming into a triangle in an outdoor swimming pool.

Man on Earth

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Insignificant, aren't we?

Sea Wreck

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This area is located right in staten island in nyc. Its surprisingly accessible just a short walk off the rd, great vantage point for ground and aerial photography alike

Gallatin Cliff

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Birdseye of a cliff surrounding Montana's Gallatin River. Taken on August 7 2017


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Eroding cliff face along Lake Ontario. The early morning sun, low on the horizon meant that there was no reflection on the water. Photo: Justen Soule


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city life seen from a far distance


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Sunrise at lakefront

Zigzagging the dolomites

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Zigzag road in Italian mountains called Dolomiti

Camaya Coast Beach Logo

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Aerial View of Camaya Coast Logo

Aerial Playground Bukit Batok Singapore

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This is where i practice my first drone flight