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Elevated View of the Old Town of Gallipoli

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Gallipoli is a coastal town in Apulia, southern Italy.

Thérouldeville, clos masure

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This is an aerial picture of a traditional farm in Seine-Maritime, Normandy. This type of farm is called clos masure.

Chinese fishing fleet

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A fleet of traditional fishing vessels at sunrise on Taihu Lake, China,

Rocket Launch, Yasothon, Thailand

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Competition rocket launch at the annual Yasothon Rocket Festival. This folk festival signifies the start of the rainy season in Northeast Thailand and Laos by launching rockets in the sky. During the festival, teams c...

Yasothon Rocket Festival

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Ever since I heard about it, the Rocket Festival has been on my list of things to see in Thailand. In Northeast Thailand and Laos, people launch homemade rockets to the sky to remind the sky god to send rain. In the ...

Lake Tai, Southern China

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A fleet of traditional junks heading out fishing at sunrise, Huzhou, China.


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suprising seriosity in an urban culture