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Lake Wilhelm Marina

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Boat overhead at the marina at lake Wilhelm, PA.

Rail Trail “Hello”

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This trestle bridge is part of the Montour trail in PA. There is an additional trail running under it in a different direction. PA loves trails.

Rail Trail historic turntable

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Laying out at the center of an old railroad engine turntable along a Rail Trail in the middle of historic Warrenton, Virginia.

Malta Sundown Trail

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A nice view on a trail in the northern part of Malta, St Agatha’s Tower


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Trail along the cliff of the Grenchenberg.

A Conversation with an Oak

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”Objects in lens appear smaller than they actually are.“ I felt like I was kissing this oak tree I was so close to it, yet as the photo shows it was just my exaggerated misperception.

The train ride at Burke Lake park.

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The kiddie train ride at Burke Lake park in Fairfax, VA. Coneflower sunrise edit. Flying with the family!

Druid Hill Castle, Baltimore

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Over looking Druid Lake from the castle corner in Baltimore, MD.

Top Down of the Trestle!

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Overlooking the Half Moon Trestle!

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Winter Railroad!

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Sunny Road

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Autumn in the alps of Valais

Sunny Road

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Autumn in the alps of Valais

Rail Trail Trestle in North Hampton, MA

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The Mass Central Rail Trail is a majority completed trail across the state of Massachusetts running along an abandoned rail corridor, from Boston to North Hampton. This trestle bridge over the Connecticut river is com...

Mont de Grange summit on a foggy day

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View from the top of Mont de Grange (2480m) during my trail running from the valley to the (1250m climb) with my Mavic Pro.

Inka trail – Camino del Inca – Peru

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This is a video we have made at the Inka Trail in Cusco, Peru. It was an amazing experience Production: Iván and Simón Thibaud – Drone Films Project All rights reserved: dronefilmsproject@gmail.com Instagram @Dronefp

Wooden Road

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Mavic Pro above the trees of a back road.

Big Sur Coast Ridge Trail

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Overlanding through Big Sur

Zanoaga Gorge , Bucegi Natural Park, Romania

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Aerial view at sunset of the spectacular Zanoaga Gorge in Bucegi Natural Park , middle Carpathians mountain range , Romania.

Trailrunning with friends

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Trail running in the mountains


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View on parc in eastern Parisian suburbs shot with DJI Mavic on may 2017

Sunrise – Mount Choungui – Mayotte

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Best sightseeing of Mayotte, the Mount Choungui is in the traveller's to do list. The sunrise is a special moment, 45min walk by night, lemurs and rainforest birds are there all along.

Above the Path

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Picture of the main trail in Bee Canyon Park, CA

Amurrio trail route

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Amurrio trail route