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Hidden Treasure

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Hidden Lake in the Carpathian mountains

Transfagarasan Highway

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Transfagarasan Highway

Infinite Road to Transylvania (3)

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Infinite road to Transylvania. Yes, THAT Transylvania. In Romania, of course. This is the road that goes to Sighisoara, Count Dracula’s birth place. The legend says that this is how he sees the country, in his nocturn...

Road to Transylvania (6)

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Infinite road to Transylvania. This is Cheia DN1A road that leads you to the infamous Transylvania. YES, that Transylvania! Or, as some legends say, this is the view that Count Dracula himself saw on his nocturnal fli...


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Transfagarasan highway.

Road to Transylvania (5)

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Road to Transylvania (5)

Transfagarasan road, Transylvania, Romania

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Transfagarasan - maybe the best road in the world!


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The "Transfăgărășan" is a paved mountain road crossing the southern section of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. It has national-road ranking and is the second-highest paved road in the country after the Transalpin...

Transfagarasan – maybe the best road in the world!

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Transfagarasan - maybe the best road in the world!

A River Runs Through It

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A picture captured close to Transfagarasan road, in the Carpathians (Romania).

Love the road!

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Love the road! Truck on winding road trough the forest, Romania. More on facebook.com/thedrone.ro and instagram.com/thedronero

Cheia (DN1A)

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Winter in Transylvania. Yes, THAT Transylvania! This is Cheia - Sacele road (DN1A) that takes you to Transylvania. Or, as some people say: this is what Dracula should see in his famous nocturnal flights. In wintertime...

Transfagarasan, Transylvania

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This is Transylvania! And one of the best roads in the world for passionate drivers: Transfagarasan. Also, home of Dracula, The Count. But I guess that saying Transylvania is enough for you to remember that. Now you h...

Cetatea Poienari, Lacul Balea, Sighisoara, Transfagarasan Highway, Transylvania, Romania

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Vizual Fly Vids in Transylvania, Romania. Cetatea Poienari, Sighisoara, Lacul Balea & Transfăgărășan Highway... Cetatea Poienari (Castle Poienari), also commonly known as Vlad the impaler's castle or the real ...

Lacul Balea, Transfagarasn Highway, Transylvania, Romania

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Lake Balea perched above the Transfagarasan Highway in Transylvania, Romania. Caught at sunset.

Transfăgărășan, Translyvania, Romania

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Labeled the "World's Best Road Trip" by Top Gear!!! I was blessed to capture this beauty before sunset and share with you all. Taken on the eve before Halloween 2015 in Transylvania. Yes we made it to Dracula's cas...