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A Simplified Insight Into How IoT Works

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IoT origins, the process involved, and most importantly the many advantages of the same are covered in this blog. This technology has the potential to disrupt the current protocols in place and bring in a revolutionar...

Trails Transform America

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This is an overhead of the the Montour trail in western Pennsylvania which I had the pleasure of mapping this summer. This promo particularly points out an ideal diverse transportation system in the US. 2 Rail lines, ...

Farø Bridge

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Farø bridge Denmark

Traffic Analysis of Aerial Video Data

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I saw the train under the bridge

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I was lucky, I was doing some photos of the road bridge and when I was preparing to land, I heard the train noise Photo: Tomás Thibaud – Drone Films Project All rights reserved: dronefilmsproject@gmail.com Instag...

North of Tehran

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Railway beads

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Many rows of colored freight train cars and oil tanks with petrochemical products stationed on several railroad tracks of an industrial train depot terminal

Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Saturday street nightmaket

Mountain road pass

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Road crossing mountain ridge with many spectacular curves and turns through fir forest , winter scenery with snowy conditions

Suspended roundabout

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Modern suspended roundabout connecting urban areas , implemented for traffic optimization and improved safety

Lamphun train station

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Lamphun train station locate in lamphun district north Thailand

Canal Road ,ChiangMai ,Thailand

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Canal road from country to town

Colored freight train cars

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Rows of colored freight train cars stationed on several railroad tracks

The train depot

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Freight train cars and oil tankers , abandoned and out of use, stationed on several railway tracks of a depot

Car plant

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Car manufacturing plant with industrial facilities for production and parking lots with many new vehicles

Arch of Triumph, Bucharest, Romania

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Interesting roads having in the middle the Arch of Triumph from Romania.

San Francisco

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Bay Bridge San Francisco

Cerro del Vigia, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

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La pulmonia is the most iconic type of transportation in Mazatlan City, the tradition dates since 1965 where Miguel Ramírez Urquijo came with the idea of introducing this kind of public transportation, they used to be...


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Aerial View of Ski Resort Falakro, in Greece

Greenspot Road Bridge, Highland, California, USA

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Aerial footage of early 1900's steel truss bridge in Highland, CA, USA. The bridge is nearly 100 years old and has some structural problems, but, is still in use. A new bridge is currently under construction to repl...

Moscow, Russia

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Little bit strange approved cabin baggage ;-)