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Frozen patterns

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Vehicles travelling on the frozen surface of lake Baikal in winter

The road to autumn

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Part of my Infinite Road to Transylvania project, Oct. 2018

Message from Future

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A giant landart painting entitled "Message From Future" by French artist Saype, was pictured in the park "La Perle du Lac" in Geneva - Switzerland, mid September 2018. The artwork, covering 5000 square meters, was p...

Giant lego

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Southampton Docks, UK

Rock Loader

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Loading Stone. Photographed at a quarry in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa

A Battle

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A Battle

Black Truck

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Colourful trucks at Corabasto´s, Bogota´s main produce market. This photo was taken in collaboration with Alejandro Pabon.

Infinite Road to Transylvania (3)

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Infinite road to Transylvania. Yes, THAT Transylvania. In Romania, of course. This is the road that goes to Sighisoara, Count Dracula’s birth place. The legend says that this is how he sees the country, in his nocturn...

Thought the snow

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Heavy snowfall has paralyzed the movement on the federal highway.

Road to Transylvania (6)

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Infinite road to Transylvania. This is Cheia DN1A road that leads you to the infamous Transylvania. YES, that Transylvania! Or, as some legends say, this is the view that Count Dracula himself saw on his nocturnal fli...

Road to Shasta

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Snow Capped Shasta from an unseen vantage point..the red truck was a perfect compliment to the overall scene..

Road to Transylvania (5)

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Road to Transylvania (5)

Transfagarasan road, Transylvania, Romania

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Transfagarasan - maybe the best road in the world!

Dude, where is my car?

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Looking for some nice spot to shoot, i found this huge parking lot.

Love the road!

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Love the road! Truck on winding road trough the forest, Romania. More on facebook.com/thedrone.ro and instagram.com/thedronero

Zlatoust. Russian Federation

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Over the mountain

Fog, Via Baltica road, Lithuania

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Early morning at Bogota´s main market. A sensory overload with fruits, vegetables, people, cars and trucks all over the place. This photo is was taken in collaboration with Alejandro Pabon

Aigle, Switzerland

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Champs. Elever son regard, pouvoir voler permet souvent de découvrir des "beautés cachées". Ces beautés savent se faire désirer et, souvent, elles sont éphémères et ne se laissent admirer que le temps d'un instant. ...

La Marquesa, Mexico

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La Marqueza Mexico, toluca

La Marquesa, Mexico

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Carretera La Marqueza Mexico D.F.

Cyprus Limassol

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Men at Work. Cement Truck Taken with Parrot Bepop

Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Sandpit Operation near Lumsden, SK.