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Hawaii – Five Caves, 2018

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Taken with a DJI mavic air drone and a pixel2 phone (wrapped in a cheap waterproof bag)

Grenadines islands , kitetrip , snorkeling

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kite surf; snorkeling, grenadines islands by www.croisiere-grenadines-et-caraibe.com

Grenadines islands , kitetrip , snorkeling

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kite trip with catamaran in the grenadines islands! drone view and snorkeling with turtles, eagle ray , stingray, sharks and more! enjoy !

Eagle ray, green turtle, Mayotte

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Aerial view of marine species. Mayotte lagoon, reef.

Tortue ZENiale

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La tranquillité que procure la nature sauvage de Mayotte contraste avec son activité féroce d'île en développement délicat... que ce soit en forêt où dans le lagon, une zénitude intense s'en échappe....certains l'ont ...

Makena Bay

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Makena bay where green turtles gather in Mauï.

Early Morning Swim

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Colors of the ocean's edge at sunrise. Girl and turtle swimming.

Sakouli Wide ! One of the best beaches of Mayotte

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Sakouli, 2 beach bars, place to make Kite surf, Paddle and kayak!

Punta Pellaro – Kite Zone

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Punta di Pellaro, deep south of Calabria. Pèllaro (Pèddhuru in Reggiano dialect, Pillaro in Greek-Calabria) is a district of Reggio Calabria, located in the southern part of the city, already forming the XV municip...

Borobudur, Magelang, Zentral-Java, Indonesien

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17 days through Indonesia

Tyre, South Lebanon

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Selfie with sea turtles (upper left corner)

Kani Kéli, Mayotte, Océan Indien

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Big turtle

Grenadines islands and Ste Lucia

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10 Days cruise ! Croisière 10 jours