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Pink watercolor

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mavic2pro Ukraine (Pink Lake)

Natural Patchwork

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Like pieces of fabric a pieces of fields.

Ruins of the Khust castle

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In the XI century, a huge salt deposit was discovered on the territory of the modern Solotvyno town. The salt from this area was delivered to all royal palaces of Europe. The way of salt caravans passed through the te...

Ruins of the Khust castle

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Through the top of the mountain ridges of the Carpathian passes the road that leads to the gate of the same name Hust castle. Historical information is not kept its date of construction, but some historians believe th...

Carpa Olivera

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A beautiful ocean filled pool in Mazatlan, Sinaloa; Mexico

Old Citadel

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Abandoned citadel at Lviv

Abandoned plane

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Forgotten Plane in forest near city Zhitomir.

On a carpet of yellow leaves

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Golden Autumn at Kiev

Winter at Lviv

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Lviv - is the largest city in western Ukraine.

Stella independence on the Khreshchatyk

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Idependence Monument is a victory column located on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) in Kiev and is commemorated to the Independence of Ukraine.

Autumn photographer

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Photographer on the autumn field

Top view Kyiv marathon

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Top view Kyiv marathon on the road bridge

Autumn breath

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Sofievka park in Uman


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Different sea water colors between sides of pier- at left corner water yellow, because the sand mixed up from the waves

Sofievka planet

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Planet panorama from 25 frames - Mavic air

2 umbrellas

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Black sea beach from above

2 people, 2 dogs & 4 shadows

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People, dogs and shadows on Black sea beach

Sevastopol beach

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3D Pano Sevastopol beach DJI Mavic Pro 2018

Balaclava Bay

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Balaclava Bay DJI Mavic Pro 2018

Castle “swallow’s nest”

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Castle "swallow's nest" DJI Mavic PRo 2018