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Sapphire of the forest.

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New Zealand's Rotorua.

Geothermal wonders in New Zealand’s North Island

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The land of legend.

Iceland Waves Crashing on Southern Lava Shore

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Black sand, prehistoric lava beaches.

Iceland Prehistoric Coastline

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Black sand, prehistoric lava beaches.

Icelandic Pool

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Coastal pool of the volcanic southern coast of Iceland.

Icelandic Lighthouse

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Thermal Springs Golden Circle Iceland

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Icelandic thermal springs

El Golfo, the Green Lake in Lanzarote

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El Golfo, the Green Lagoon in #Lanzarote is the famous Green Lagoon where sea water has become trapped in the form of a lake and turned a striking lime green, due to the algae which lives there. I researched this loc...

Through the Lava

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Icelands Road 1 cuts through a lava field around lake Myvatn.

Through the Lava

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Car drives on Road 1 (famous Ring Road) through a Lava Field.

Volcanic Zone

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Volcanic zone

Cracked Lava Field

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Car drives through Iceland´r Route 1 as it cuts through one of many lava fields. This one at Reykjahlíð.

Reykjanes Peninsula

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Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland is a magical place full of volcanic wonders.

Laguna de Aryaza, Santa Rosa, Guatemala

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A picture of the crater lake in Guatemala. 20,000 years old and more than 200 meters deep.