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The Black Forest | Incredible Footage

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A short aerial film. Filmed during a motorcycle trip in Autumn through the Black Forest, The Vosges, Luxembourg, and The Eifel. All filmed with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. Re-upload

Tourbière du lac de Lispach

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French Lac in the Vosges mountain by a sunny day Picture taken with a Phantom 4 Pro.

Château de pierre percée

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Château de pierres percées


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Chapelle Saint Florent

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Chapelle Saint Florent


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Village vosgien

Lac de LONGEMER & Chapelle Saint Florent

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Lac de LONGEMER & Chapelle Saint Florent

Lac de LONGEMER & Chapelle Saint Florent

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Chapelle Saint Florent et Lac de Longemer


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The water surface is frozen but a small layer of water covers the surface and gives this unique mirror effect.


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A mountain road in the vosges france

Winter to Spring – 4 Months over France

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Since the beginning of January, I have made many flights with my drone: the snowy mountains of the Alps or the Vosges to the bright colors of spring above the vineyard of Alsace or the countryside of Corrèze and Périg...

La ferme du Riant

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La ferme du Riant dans les Vosges.

Le lac des corbeaux

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Le lac des corbeaux à la Bresse dans les Vosges

Mon phantom dans les Vosges !

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Mon phantom 4 sur son lieu de travail !

Les Vosges

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Une ferme Vosgiennes

Grendelbruch, Alsace, France, Europe

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A snowy winter Sunday in the Vosges mountains, close to the village of Grendelbruch. Lovers of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and sledding meet between the "Signal" and the "Bruchberg" to enjoy nature.

Le Horn, Wolxheim, Alsace, France

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A beautiful end of the day on the heights of Wolxheim and the vineyard of the "Altenberg Grand Cru". Focus on the Horn statue in gleaming gilding in the light of the sunset.


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La route


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Explosion pépinière