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Adaptive skim boarder jumping a ski ramp!

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Anthony Regole founder of @spinecorefoundation flying around the boat! And jumping off a ski ramp at camp last week! What a fun time! Anthony Regole Instagram: @aregole2116

Wakeboard Session on Big Fork Lake

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ordan going huge on Big Fork Lake in Three Lakes, WI behind his awesome Super Air Nautique G23! Good times! Better People! Music "Happy Now" By: ZEDD

Adaptive Skim-Boarder Going Huge

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Adaptive Skim-Boarder Crushing!!! follow Anthony on Instagram @aregolee2116

Drone Catches Adaptive Skim Boarder Shredding!!!

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Anthony Regole on one of his best runs of summer 2017!!!


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Wakebaording on Little Lake during the Malibu Rider Experience. Photo: Justen Soule

Sunrise Wake

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A boat pierces the glass smooth water of Chemong Lake at Sunrise. Photo: Justen Soule

Jet ski wake

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A fast Jet Ski left a curve wake in a beautiful calm sea at afternoon

Just another day at the office

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Submarine cruising into Hvalfjordur bay in Iceland to pay homage to the PQ17 convoy that set off from there during world war 2 and suffered heavy losses in transit to Russia.

Cable Crew Jablines

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Petit clip de wake board freestyle avant la fermeture pour l’hiver au câble de Jablines (77). Un des tournages qui nous a procuré le plus de sensations au niveau pilotage du drone. Pour nos amis Sully SEFIL (chante...

Thai Wake Park, Lamluka, Bangkok, Thailand

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A day at Thai Wake Park with Jonathan, young French rider practicing his skills.

Wakeboarding action from the sky

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Wet & Wild Wakeboarding

Estonia, Rahinge

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We did this one for our friends at Rahinge Extremepark (rahinge.ee) Location: Rahinge Wakepark Riders: Martin Bachmann, Madis Bachmann, Simon Pettai, Mihkel Ustav Pilot: Jorma Suumann Aerial Camera Operator: Armin...