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Panixer Dam in Switzerland

Shocking results

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An edited 2D capture of my friend and I electrifying a bball court.

CHRISTMAS STAR PARADE 2016 at Tharae, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand.

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Let's celebrate christmas festival with the dazzling star parade on more than 200 cars together with Santa Claus parade, angels and join the Mass ceremony and carry the star while walking around the church. Let's watc...


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New boarder wall

Milecastle 39

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Milecastle 39, Hadrians Wall, Northumberland. UK

Sycamore Gap

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Sycamore Gap, Hadrians Wall. The most photgraphed and famous tree, along Hadrians Wall

Burke Lake Wall Art

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A drones eye view over Burke Lake edited as a wall painting.

Sovinec castle, Moravia,Czech republic.

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Castle Sovinec, Eulenburg, robust medieval fortress, one of the largest in Moravia, Czech republic.

The wall 2

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The border wall that divides Mexico from the United States enters the Pacific Ocean, here in Playas de Tijuana on the right side, on the left side the wall and nothing on the other side.

The wall 1

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The uselessness of The Wall, the fence, between Mexico and the United States in the middle of the desert.

Turquoise lake of a dam

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Water accumulation from a river valley in the mountains forming an artificial dam with arched concrete wall

Great Wall of China

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Over the Great Wall of China

Old walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Old walls, Dubrovnik, Croatia