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Out to Sea

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Fishermen sail the coracle on the beach of Binh Thuan, a coastal central province of Vietnam. The coracle is a rounded small, lightweight and flexible boat. Fishermen who navigated the coracle must have excellent heal...

Rough Sea

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Constanta, Black Sea Coast, Romania, October 2018

Monday Morning Traffic – Cabarita

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The best sort of traffic - a single surfer on a lone wave

Monday Morning Traffic – Cabarita

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The best sort of traffic - a lone surfer with a wave to himself

Sand lines

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Lines of sand (created by a strong wind) and waves of water at the beach of Texel, Wadden Sea, Netherlands


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HDR Panorama of Garachico in Tenerife

The Land God Made in Anger

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“The Land God Made in Anger”: this is how Bushmen used to call the Skeleton Coast, an unwelcoming stripe of more than 1.500 kilometers in the north of Namibia. Also straightforwardly referred by Portuguese sailors as ...

Kite surfing in Sardinia.

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A kite surfer riding waves in the beautiful sea of Sardinia, Italy.

Good Morning!

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Surfing while the sun rises :)

Early Surfing

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Early surfing in Brazil.

Big Wave SOrake Beach

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Big Wave in Sorake Beach Nias Island Indonesia

Tarifa Beach

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Tarifa Sea

Surf addicted

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Only surfers can understand this feeling of sliding on a wave. And when I said surfers, I mean all levels, from the first time beginner to the aboslute expert surfers. Try one time and you will never stop !

Lagoon of Haapiti, Moorea island

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Beautiful lagoon of Haapiti, in Moorea, French Polynesia, with its multitudes of blue

Algarve Portugal – Drone & Time lapse – Spring Reel 2018

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Spring Reel 2018 - Aerial and time-lapse video - Capture in Algarve, famous tourism destination region. Portugal.

wave breaker 2

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wave breaker at Dasoudi beach Limassol

Lonely Surfer

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Surfer solitario www.alphadrones.es

Molinos de Viento

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Parque eólico en Salas, Asturias. www.alphadrones.es

Playa de Llumeres

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Playa de Llumeres. www.alphadrones.es

Instalaciones Mina Llumeres

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Ruinas de las antiguas instalaciones de la mina de hierro de Llumeres, Asturias. www.alphadrones.es

Ruinas Muelle Llumeres

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Ruinas del muelle de la antigua mina de hierro de Llumeres. www.alphadrones.es

Luanco Y Perlora 18-01-18

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Tomas aéreas de Luanco y Perlora durante la marejada de enero de 2018. Grabadas con drone Gopro Karma y Gopro 6. www.alphadrones.es

Sunrise and beautiful dancing waves – The Dance of the Sea

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Sunrise and beautiful dancing waves - The Dance of the Sea


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Vue aérienne d'une ruine