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Zerstörtes Windrad

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Bei diesem Windrad ist in einem Sturm ein Flügel abgebrochen.

Zerstörtes Windrad

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Bei diesem Windrad ist in einem Sturm ein Flügel abgebrochen.

Zevenhuizen views

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Beautiful scenery near our campground


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Beautiful scenery near our camp ground.

Windmill and Hidden Limo, Boonville, Missouri, USA

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Shot during a wedding. Notice the limo hiding behind the chicken house.

Le Mont Saint Michel, Beauvoir and Moulin de Moidrey by Mavic and Osmo 4K

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Big thanks for feedback that helped me a lot from my friends at "Drone Video Reviews" Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168391786624926/?ref=group_header I have taken a different approach creating th...


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Rustic... Old windmills as the storms roll in, while shooting for the Heritage Trail project with Kawartha Lakes and @perfectwknds . There were dozens of these windmills dotting the landscape, supplying water for catt...

windmill at the sunset

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windmill at the sunset

Sunrise over Wind Mills

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Lezat sur Leze

Windmill The Helper 1863

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Dutch windmill The Helper 1863 during sunrise in winter setting.

Windmill The Helper 1863

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Dutch windmill

Windmill The Helper 1863

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Windmill The Helper 1863 during a sunrise in a wintry setting.

Windmill Turbine and rainbow

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Windmill Turbine and rainbow in the background

old windmill in the north of Lower Saxony, Germany

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old windmill in the north of Lower Saxony, Germany


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Windmill @ Zelzate

Montedor windmill, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

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Montedor windmill (Portugal 1855, restored)

Windmill at Chilenden

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Chillenden Windmill on a nice peaceful day

Cromer windmill

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Windmill in Cromer

Green Energy

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Ballyconnell windmills

Windmills at Altamont Pass

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I flew over the Windmills along Altamont Pass near Livermore, Ca and Highway 580

Altamont Pass Windmills

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I flew by the windmills along the Altamont Pass by Highway 580 in California

Cromer windmill

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Cromer windmill, built 1681

Ashcombe Windmill

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Ashcombe Windmill near Kingston in the South Downs

Moravian windmill

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South Moravia is a picturesque Czech region with endless beautiful fields, among which sometimes there are lonely mills.