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Winter on ski slope Passo Brocon

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ski slope Passo Brocon in Trentino Dolomiti winter season

fall or winter in Trentino

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stop Fall star winter in Trentino

Hengistbury Head in Winter (Mavic/Osmo)

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If you’re interested in drone video creation please visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/1168391786624926/?ref=br_rs best Facebook group for Drone Videos Hengistbury Head /ˈhɛŋɡɪstbrɪ/ is a headland jutting into...

Midday Winter Sun

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Aerial flight of cattle farm in winter.

Cracks and bubbles

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Extremely low temperatures, snow, wind and dead organic staff shape the ice of Baikal lake deep into the Siberian winter.

Half & Half

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Winterblast... The snowpack layered woods against the waters of the Trent Severn. Photo: Justen Soule

Snow Dunes

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Dunes... Sunrise along Chemong Lake this morning right as the sunlight crested the horizon, illuminating the snow drifts. When shooting the tourism projects in winter I often find myself shooting mostly during golden ...

Winter crossroads

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Crossroads by the Stone House Inn, North Yorkshire, UK.

Asturias Winter Reel

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Recopilación de unos vuelos realizados este invierno del 2018. Por www.alphadrones.es

Neat Ice in a Snow Storm

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Flying over Little Fork as the ice began to form winter 2018. I love the cold!

Follow the line

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Winter flight on a Snowy morning, ray of light

Views above the Rhone River in Geneva France.

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Views above the Rhone River in Geneva France.

Habour at winter

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Almost empty habour at the bay of Køge, Denmark

X marks the spot!

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X marks the spot!

Molinos de Viento

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Parque eólico en Salas, Asturias. www.alphadrones.es

Ice shove, Markermeer, Netherlands

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Ice shove in the frozen lake Markermeer after a period of frost in the Netherlands.

Lac de l’Hongrin

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Lac de l'Hongrin is a reservoir in Vaud, Switzerland. The reservoir with a surface area of 1.60 km2 (0.62 sq mi) is located in the municipalities of Château-d'Œx and Ormont-Dessous. The two arch dams Hongrin Nord and ...

Parque Eólico de Salas, Asturias

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Parque Eólico de Salas, Asturias, España. www.alphadrones.es

Infinite Road to Transylvania – Winter 2018 Edition (#7)

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Infinite Road to Transylvania - Winter 2018 Edition (#7)


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Winterception www.TheDrone.ro instagram.com/thedrone.ro