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Mramadoudou, Mayotte, Indian Ocean

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The beautiful boueni's bay, biggest mangrove of Maore, Mayotte.


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Aerial video from everyday projects - DroneGo 2016 - Mayotte

Pamandzi, Petite Terre, Mayotte

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Sunset on grande terre from dzaoudzi airport (FMCZ) during an experiment with airport authorities.

Algarrobo, chile

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ocean side of Algarrobo, Chile

Algarrobo, chile

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ocean side of Algarrobo, Chile

Algarrobo, chile

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Ocean side of algarrobo, Chile

Portland Oregon

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The red nose

Portland Oregon

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Portland Oregon

Ridgeway, Colorado

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Beautiful sunset at Ridgeway Lake

The Remarkables Mountain Range

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A 360 degree capture (downscaled) of the Remarkables Ski Area

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

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Manta Ray Resort in the Yasawa Island chain, Fiji

Drawaqa Island, Yasawa Region, Fiji

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A large adult Manta Ray near the surface as it feeds on plankton in the strong currents of the incoming tide. This image was taken in the narrow channel between Drawaqa Island and Naviti Island, in the Yasawa Island g...

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

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A snorkeller follows a Manta Ray

Yasawa Islands, Fiji

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A snorkeller swims along side a Manta Ray

Palawan, Philippines

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Sunset in Palawan, Philippines.

Komodo Island, Indonesia

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Fruit bats taking flight from a small island off of Komodo Island in Indonesia

Sociedade Hípica Paulista, São Paulo, SP, Brasil

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Sociedade Hípica Paulista

Angra Dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil

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Passeio de Lancha e JetSki

Parque do Ibirauepra, São Paulo, SP, Brasil

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Véspera de Natal

Sheraton Island, Maldives.

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on a short trip out to meet friends and recharge, Henry came along for the scenery.