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Hello WORLD!

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New green... Right after the flood.. Happiness is throwing your arms and legs lying on mother earth, like the babies we are (to her)! 💓💓💓 This area was flood affected just few weeks before I arrived there. But the...

Sweet childhood

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Do you miss your childhood? when you could have run through fields, feel the breeze in your skin, smell the nature and enjoy your freedom till the dawn? When I met these kids and asked them to form a flower for me to ...


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Last year I had super fun with my Parrot Bebop and my trips around the country. I took many footage of people's candid and landscapes. I actually compiled an experimental music video with my footage. I used few footag...

Bogra, Bangladesh

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It was a clear sunny day and I had the most amazing day with my bebop at Bogra. The landscape was amazing- but on the top of everything, the lord of the sky made it a real success! I missed a real nice shot, when the ...

Uttara, Dhaka

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My Parrot bebop had a soothing flight this afternoon...

Borobilla, Bogra

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It’s winter in Bangladesh. During winter season the crop fields take this beautiful color in Bangladesh. It is because there is always the demand of mustard oil in my country and mustard grows in winter. The village r...

Borobilla, Bogra

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I am shouting there- "Happy New Year!!" Find me, if you can! Hints: Close to the YELLOW!! ^_^ Hahaha It's winter in Bangladesh. During winter season the crop fields take this beautiful color in Bangladesh. It is b...

Kurmitola, Dhaka

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Happy New Year to my favorite DRONESTAGRAM COMMUNITY!! An aerial shot of Dhaka's 31st celebration! I missed the grand fireworks though...

Hazrat Shahjalal Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Small drone meets the big brother, right at the end of the day... Time for me to sign off flying... ^_^

Sylhet, Bangladesh

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From our last trip to Sylhet, a beautiful green place we stopped by the way and decided to shoot a low flying shot, of a farmer working alone in the crop-field, under strong sunny day with the DJI and my 70D. The phot...

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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"Kal Boishakhi" is the Bangla term of the summer storms. The fierceness of Kal-Boishakhi is totally unpredictable.. Today I took this in afternoon, just before a strong summer storm took place... The sky was like- bre...

dhaka, Bangladesh

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*Looking for the network* through the pea-soup fog on a winter morning! ^_^

Lake City Concord, Khilkhet, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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My beloved city, cloaked with "Pea soup" dawn-fog... Usually during this season of the year, the scenario is alarming among the people living below the poverty line in Bangladesh. It's because the temperature drops f...