Phantom Crash, related to Battery fault?
DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ Crash survey related to Battery fault.
My DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ fell from the sky on my 73th flight which happened in 1 minute and 21 seconds after the 30% low level battery warning came. The motors suddenly stopped to work and the phantom fell from the sky. There was no 16% low level battery warning nor did the phantom go to the self-landing. After the crash the battery level was 0%.
Here is the crash video:
After 19 days explaining and arguing with the DJI Shenzhen Headquarters technical support, I gave up. They just ascribed the blame to me and didn’t even try to find out the real cause of the crash. I have sent them the “crash” video, explained everything very precisely and provided them all the information from the Assistance software. I provided them as much information as possible because I’d like to help to make this product even better before someone got hit by a falling Phantom or even worse. I asked them as well to get the battery back so that they can investigate the problem, but DJI didn’t ask for it or response on my request.
This is DJI’s final conclusion / comment to this case ( in their words): “…we all know this acident is caused by operation on the copter and would like to emphasize again the crash is caused by battery had used up all its power before crash during the descending process”.
I’m not sure if DJI currently is able to handle the claim. I got the first answer to my email within 5 hours which was a very quick reply. Unfortunately, the product knowledge from DJI technical support team is not so efficient or helpful. Not meant to harm, defame, or cause any problems for DJI, but yet it is an unbiased, personal experience with the DJI Headquarters support center.
To have a safer Phantom, we need to have DJI to take battery issue seriously, to find out the cause of the problem and to fix it. Therefore, I would like to ask for your favor to help me complete this survey.
ONLY for DJI PHANTOM 2 VISION+ and Phantom 2
Can you please provide me the following information?
1. The Phantom serial no. & Version.
2. Which firmware did you use?
3. The battery serial no.
4. Did you get low battery warning during the flight even the battery was still more than 30% charged?
5. Did your motors suddenly stop working?
6. Did you get a 16% (or whatever you have set) battery low level warning?
7. What was the battery level after the crash?
8. How many flights did you make with this same battery before the crash?
9. Did you fly in NAZA mode or Normal mode?
10. If you flew in NAZA mode is it set to fallsafe or not?
11. Did you discharge to less than 8% and fully charge this “crash battery” just before the flight? This is important to know.

I’ll make a summary of all the comments and information I get and post to this forum.
Is there another good forum where I could post this info/survey?
Many thanks
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3 September 2014
24.584349, 121.870273
Taiwan(Province Of China)
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