Thailand from the sky make you discovery by drone fpv tbs discovery The Crystal Cave and his nice temple.

Out of the way secret destination Crystal Caves near 12 km from Kanchanaburi.
Crystal cave is like a secret place, but a secret that the Monks there wish to share with you.
If you like to discover a nice place on top mountain with 360 degree point of view then taking on the adventure to find the beauty, nice air that is the Crystal Caves might just be what you need.

To start with there is a sign just outside Wat Tham Sua which i make an other video here
You in the right direction to get started towards the caves.
It is approximately 10 minutes drive past the right turn into Wat Tham Sua.

Keep following the blue signs. You will turn off the ‘main’ road and head up a long concrete road to the top of the mountain.

At the top, there is a temple, partly under construction, a few monks live there.
Past that, there are no signs indicating you have arrived at the Crystal Caves. Follow down the pathway to gain access to the
3 caves.

Summarily appointed cave offer in terms of crystallized stalactites draping pretty enough . The walls are covered with snow crystals sparkling explaining the name of the place.

The temple still under construction at the top of this mountain is very quiet and the view is magnificent .
It is a place little visit and still quite wild, often visited by training amateur cyclists climbs.
Please respect this secret and peacefull place.

Tell the Monks there you come from ”thailand from the sky” they will take care you good to make you discover everything.

If you come from far away you will be very welcome at hatchery resort which is just one kilometer from there (seen in the video)

Other nearby many places are really interesting to visit :
– Wat Tham Faet with beautiful views of the River Kwai and a lovely gazebo and a surprising mummy.

– Wat Ban Tham with its impressive giant dragon, caves and breathtaking views.

– Wat Tham Sua, with its giant statue of Buddha.

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9 November 2016
tha Muang
kanchanaburi province