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Maksim Tarasov

Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation

Snowy forest

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Aerial view of a car driving in the snowy forest.


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Santorini sunset

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The Lake District

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the mirror like Lake of Ullswater, in the Lake district, North England.

Santorini sunset

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Probably the most magical view in the world, seen from a different angle.

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Næstved, Denmark

The forest

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The forest For more amazing drone shots visit my portfolio at:

The road

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A road leading to new experiences. For more amazing drone shots visit my portfolio at:

The lake

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Found this small lake, near my city while hiking in the woods the other day. For more amaxin drone shots visit my portfolio at:

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Karolis Janulis

Vilnius, Lithuania

palm aprk

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Man walking in the city park.


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Man chilling on the large chair.


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Single tree in the field.

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Enrico Pescantini

Milan, Italy

Hermitage Madonna della Corona

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Catholic hermits have been praying in this very spot for over a thousands years, a place of silence and meditation between the sky and the earth, accessible only by a steep and dangerous pathway carved into the mounta...

Coast of Algarve

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Carved coast in Algarve, Portugal


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View of the beautiful limestone cliffs around Lagos, Portugal.

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Gold Creek

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Dividing Line

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Mui Wo, Lantau, Hong Kong

London Towerbridge

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Early morning shot of the world famous Tower Bridge in London


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over a sunflowerfield in full bloom

On an old tower

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parts of the renovated Great Wall of China

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Petr Jan Juračka

Pardubice, Czech Republic

What a ship!

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Just a second of watching this shipwreck was enough to me to decide... yeah, I had to start my drone despite the rain!

The Indonesian paradise

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I am still shocked little bit. Having an opportunity to film a short documentary about the sea turtles directly in their paradise, uninhabited islands Bilang Bilangan (on the shot) and Mataha in the Indonesia was not ...

The forbidden monastery

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For the first view, you might be little bit confused what you really see. For the second you probably realize that this a forbidden place, a former monastery, the magic ruin on the top of the rock, definitely magical ...

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Calin Stan

Bucharest, Romania

Bicaz Gorge, Transylvania, Romania

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Part of my Infinite Road to Transylvania Project, October 2018

Rough Sea

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Constanta, Black Sea Coast, Romania, October 2018

Autumn in Transylvania

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Part of my Infinite Road to Transylvania Project, October 2018.

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There's a paradise in a secret place...

Rice from above…

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Rice from above...


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Carlsbad, United States

Brian Head, Utah

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Brian Head is one of Utah's more famous ski resorts, but in the summer, it presents a great opportunity to get over 10,000' in altitude, legally.

Brian Head, Utah

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Brian Head is one of Utah's more famous ski resorts, but in the summer, it presents a great opportunity to get over 10,000' in altitude, legally.

Brian Head, Utah

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Brian Head is one of Utah's more famous ski resorts, but in the summer, it presents a great opportunity to get over 10,000' in altitude, legally.

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Florian Ledoux

Reykjavik, Iceland

Water tree

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The water in Iceland on quicksand created beautiful lines and patterns

River glacier

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While exploring a glacier, I found a sub-glacial river coming from inside falling in this big hole. The long exposure from above gives a new perspective, it is hard to know where we are.

Outlet Glacier

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Above a glacier front in Svalbard. A unique point of view where the glacier meets the land and the sea.

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Tsingoni, Mayotte

Les crêtes du sud de Mayotte

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Vous êtes sur les crêtes du sud de Mayotte et vous vous envolez vers la fabuleuse baie de bouéni ou le mont Bénara, enjoy!

Summer on the south hemisphere

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Snorkeling on the coral reef barrier of Mayotte. One of the biggest closed lagoon of the world and a beautiful place to chill!

Savannah S HydroFly Mayotte

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Mayotte is a coral reef and big lagoon island with whales, turtles....and Ultralight Hydro aicraft

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Bomporto, Italy

The azure path of Heaven’s steep

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In the splendid Gulf of the Poets, one of the most evocative places in Italy, stands a tiny village: Tellaro. It's included in the ranking of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The small village, eastern fraction o...

Pink lakes

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Aigues-Mortes, which takes and gives its name to the place since the "dying waters" do so to produce salt, deriving it from the sea, since ancient times. To get to the city you cross the wide salt flats and, incredibl...

Pink lakes

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Aigues-Mortes, which takes and gives its name to the place since the "dying waters" do so to produce salt, deriving it from the sea, since ancient times. To get to the city you cross the wide salt flats and, incredibl...

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kfar yona, Israel

Ashdod, Israel

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Ashdod, Israel

Ashdod, Israel

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Ashdod, Israel

Tabor, Israel

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Tabor, Israel

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Moscow, Russian Federation

View of Сape Сhameleon.

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Travelers take pictures on collapsing path at Cape Chameleon.

Together forever

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View of the sculptural group of Vera Mukhina "worker and collective farm girl" at the main entrance to the territory of the exhibition complex VDNH.


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The Skolkovo school

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Vilnius, Lithuania

Just an amazing winter evening in Vilnius city…

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Just an amazing winter evening in Vilnius city...

Vilnius Oldtown

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Vilnius Oldtown at sunset. Lithuania

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

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A New York icon, the Brooklyn Bridge was the world first steel bridge and became a magnificent example of urban design. Its also the most scenic way to cross from Manhattan into Brooklyn. Go early in the morning to ha...

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Emersom Miranda

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Little tulip boy

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Beach Manipulated in Zandvoort, the Netherlands / 02

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My project Beach manipulated just came back.

Torre di Capo Malfatano

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Sardinia for is the best location for enjoying the summer with my family, my dog and my friends. Everyday and Everywhere I found out some nice and awesome place to use my drones.

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2Drone Gals

Florida, United States

Cocoa Beach Pier

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Paddling Out at the Cocoa Beach Pier

Entrance to Port Canaveral

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Navigational Locks

Cocoa Beach Pier

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1 Drone Gal paddle boarding the surf.

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French Polynesia

Golf moorea

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Zenital view

Golf Moorea

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The best golf in French Polynesia

volcanic islands

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Marquesas island

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United Arab Emirates

all alone

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all alone


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abandoned water park

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abandoned water park

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Glacier Rainbow – Svínafellsjökull, Iceland

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Svínafellsjökull glacier is part of the Skaftafell Nature Reserve on the South Eastern side of Iceland. It is a haven for hikers, glacier/ice climbers, photographers, and those who have a passion to see beautiful land...

South Carolina Marshlands

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Marshlands near Hilton Head South Carolina. New Hasselblad on the Mavic 2 Pro doesn't disappoint w/quality.

Zakimi Castle Ruins

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On Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, it was built between 1416 and 1422 by the renowned Ryukyuan general Gosamaru, a project which involved workers from as far away as the Amami Islands. The gusuku fortress has two inner co...

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Mérida, Mexico

Rosa mexicano

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Flamencos en zona de nidos, Celestún Yucatán al sur de México.


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Pandemia en méxico


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Pandemia en méxico

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Paul Oostveen


Ice shove

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Ice shove in the frozen lake Markermeer after a period of frost in the Netherlands.

Sand lines

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Lines of sand (created by a strong wind) and waves of water at the beach of Texel, Wadden Sea, Netherlands

Melting Ice in the lake

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Melting Ice in the lake Gouwzee in the Netherlands after a period of frost.

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Lyon, France


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a magnificent bird Attack my drone....


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Wedding Marine et Stéphane


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Voici les nouveaux jeunes mariés

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Follow The Sun

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Copahue, Argentina.


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I can see you.

Ballena y Ballenato

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Whales Photo: Tomás Thibaud – Drone Films Project All rights reserved: Instagram @Dronefp

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Yellow walk

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Dancer on stilts seem to fly over a cornfield


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Vertical shot of 'Symphony of the Seas' ship at Civitavecchia Harbour

Soft green

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Green hills of Tuscany

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Colour Explosion 2

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Holi Festival


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Jamesville, United States

Painting the Pool

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Annual painting of the pool in Thornden Park, Syracuse, NY

34.417178, -119.665683

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East Beach Volleyball Courts, Santa Barbara, CA USA

42.977843, -76.156834

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Big Don's Wild River Mini Golf

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Male', Maldives


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My home,


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In the beautiful chaose of Maldives

Thoddoo Island

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sand dunes formed in seabed.

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Los Angeles, United States

Last few minutes of light

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I was driving around Lofoten on a very cloudy day and as the day was ending the beautiful light of the midnight sun poked thought the clouds to give a dramatic lighting to this this unusual landscape.

Light over Lofoten

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The Beautiful islands of Lofoten in Norway getting some light after a very overcast day.

Straight Down the road

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Panorama shot in Lofoten Norway

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Tahaa Resort & Spa, French Polynesia

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While I was making a movie about this wonderfull hotel, I took this picture of my two nice actor and actress in the middle of this stunning peacefull lagoon.... This place is one of the most beautifull and quiet one ...

Paddle in coral garden, Tahaa island, French Polynesia

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Paddleling in the middle of one of the most beautifull coral garden in the world is just amazing! You can watch underwater life and go for a trip arround the lagoon for the day. This picture shows one of the most app...

Yasur volcano, Tanna, Vanuatu

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After cyclone PAM, I visited my friend of John Frum village on Tanna island to bring them first aid. During my stay, I had some times to climb this amazing volcano! I flew my drone into it while my leg were shaking h...

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United States

The Red Chair

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The Red Chair visited the Walton Lighthouse in Santa Cruz

Academy of Sciences – Riga

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The Academy of Sciences in Riga, Latvia. The 107-metre building is considered the first high-rise in Latvia. It has been prominent fixture of the Riga cityscape since the 1950s. There are a total of 766 rooms on the 2...

Skellig Michael – Obi Wan

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Visit to Skellig Michael.

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LudoVic, New Caledonia

Luengöni beach, Lifou, New Caledonia

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a (nearly) lonely beach with its large palette of blue

Poum, New Caledonia

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In the North of New Caledonia, where mountains are carved by nickel exploitation, this tribe is definitively turned toward the sea.

Le corail “sentinelle” d’Easo

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"Easo", the name of the tribe, means "smoking fire" in Lifou's language, because of the habbit to burn whale fat by whale hunters last century. Today, this cliff still looks like the head of a whale, with the protecti...

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Ricardo Matiello

Maringa-PR, Brazil
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Mazatlan, Mexico

Beach Glance

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Enjoying the sun light at the summer

Little Mermaid

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Found a little mermaid enjoying the waves

Parque Guadiana, Durango, Mexico

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Guadiana Park, at the heart of Durango City

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello WORLD!

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New green... Right after the flood.. Happiness is throwing your arms and legs lying on mother earth, like the babies we are (to her)! 💓💓💓 This area was flood affected just few weeks before I arrived there. But the...

Sweet childhood

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Do you miss your childhood? when you could have run through fields, feel the breeze in your skin, smell the nature and enjoy your freedom till the dawn? When I met these kids and asked them to form a flower for me to ...

Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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From our shooting location.. The city of the boxes...

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Waikawa, New Zealand

Lake Hayes

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Late afternoon light over Lake Hayes

Canal Sunset

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Sun setting above the Twizel Canal

Hampton Downs Raceway

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A 2000+ Image Stitch of Hampton Downs Raceway

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Drone Capture System


Couleur d’Autonne pendant un vol d’entrainement

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Couleur d'Autonne en Haute-savoie prise lors d'un vol d'entrainement !

Frontière Franco/italienne des Alpes depuis notre drone !

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Depuis le village de Montvalezan nous avons pris cette photo pendant une mission de prise de vue. Les mont Pourri à l'image avec les Arcs sur la droite et l'Italie à gauche.


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Photo des délégués de la Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile à l'occasion du FIA SPORT CONFERENCE 2017 ! Ou est Jean Todt ? ;)

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flyCo Media

Burg (AG), Switzerland


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Frühlingsbeginn am Vierwaldstättersee

Zentralschweizer Voralpenland

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Das Bild zeigt im Zentrum das Glashaushotel Menziken (Hochhaus)

Hill riiding

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Mountainbike tour on the mountains above the Lake Lucerne ;)

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Kielce, Poland

Cycling training

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a group of amateur cyclists during local training

Island in a Lake

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Small island in a lake Borków in Poland Świętokrzyskie

Castle Krzyztopor

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The castle in Ujazd arose in the XVIIth cent. and was one of the biggest and most magnificent lordly castles in Poland. It is the typical example of so called 'palazzo in fortezza', that is the representative residenc...

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Bacalar is a lagoon that has 7 tones of colors

Mexico City International Airport

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United Airplane, picture of the Audience Choice Award Winner in the first New York City Drone Film Festival. Audience Choice Award Winner of the first New York City Drone Film Festival Never fly close to airpor...

Mexico City International Airport

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Interjet Airplan,e picture of the Audience Choice Award Winner in the first New York City Drone Film Festival. Audience Choice Award Winner of the first New York City Drone Film Festival Never fly close to airp...

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jervis bay national park

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nice pictures from australia

Lyon confluence

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Navette confluence


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Place des Jacobins