Winter nature from drone, countryside life. Aerial Phantom 4 footage.

It’s hard to believe, but a resident of a megapolis not always can see and feel the real beauty of winter. After all, in a city due to poor ecology snow looks like dirt.

In the New Year holidays we stayed with friends in a small town in Uvarovo in Russia, where it is still preserved pristine beauty and white, endless expanses of the Russian land.

I hope, you, like me, will be able to get inspired by the winter landscape, I wish you a good flight and a view! 🙂

Film was made in the beginning of January 2017 by drone DJI Phantom 4 and GoPro 4 Hero Black Edition.

Music: New World – Reminiscence (Orchestral Mix)

  • : Уварово
  • : улица 50 лет октября
  • : Russian Federation
  • : Russian Federation

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19 January 2017
Russian Federation
Russian Federation
улица 50 лет октября

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