This video was filmed flying up the west side face of Bell Rock (as shown in the opening scene). Last year I filmed this magnificent monument from the north and south sides of the rock with my Phantom 2 Vision+ Drone. It seems no matter which side you choose to approach this giant bell shaped beauty, you will be left with a lasting impression. At some point I will film him from the East. I make reference to “him”, because in the New Age community and other spiritual circles Bell Rock is known to be a vortex. This rock formation possesses the masculine energies and can help those who spends a little time there in meditation tune – into and balance their masculine side of themselves. This film was shot with my Phantom 3 Advanced Drone.

  • : Sedona
  • : State Route 89A
  • : Arizona (AZ)
  • : United States

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17 June 2016
United States
Arizona (AZ)
State Route 89A