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We are very excited to announce the winners of the 5th annual
International Drone Photography Contest!

Thousands of entries were submitted from everywhere in the world by talented professional photographers and amateur drone photo enthusiasts. The winners are:

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MARTINSANCHEZ_HUNGRYHIPPOS_AFRICA2018-1200x8001st Prize Winner: HUNGRY HIPPOS by zekedrone – See Author’s profile

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Bám-Biển-1-rv1-1200x8002nd Prize Winner: FISHING NET IN VIETNAM by Trung Pham – See Author’s profile

My Post (16) - kópia 62-people-2-dogs-1200x8003rd Prize Winner: 2 PEOPLE, 2 DOGS & 4 SHADOWS by qliebin – See Author’s profile

My Post (16) - kópia 7We would like to extend a special thanks to our contest sponsor studioSPORT for amazing support!

Thank you all for participating! We are very proud of our community!

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