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Notice : On main website, we only publish Aerial & Drone images because it is a Sharing Drone Images platform for Drone pilots and aerial videographers/photographers. We do not accept any promotional post, so please be advised that if you post something promotional and non-related to drones and photography, your account, your post & photos will be deleted. But now, you have an option, read below.
Good News: we have just opened a Guest Posts on our Blog, so if you want to have your article here, please just let us know via email or through the contact form.

Price Starting for One Promotional Article Published on our Blog’s Guest Posts Section :

From 99.00€ excluding taxes/post, for lifetime

Price includes: 
  • your article published for a lifetime (no deadline)
  • one photo + one embedded video + your logo
  • one DoFollow backlink from our domain rated by at a DA of 67
  • Accepted anchor type : unrestricted
  • Branding policy – author : Dronestag
  • Policy of publication :  on our Blog, category Other News
Steps to follow :
  1. Send on this email – contact (@) –  the Html content to publish on our Blog, in a special Category named Other News dedicated to non-related drone posts. It should includes: one Article with One link (under 800 words) + One Photo + logo + embedded video if you want (we do not write articles for clients. Please provide yours).
  2. Once the article and images reviewed, we will confirm  if we accept to publish it, and we’ll give you a quote. Prices depends on your domain activities and products.
  3. If accepted, please provide for invoicing: your company name, email & physical address
  4. We’ll send you an invoice to be paid before publishing (via Stripe with a credit card only)
  5. Once your invoice is paid, we will publish your article and you’ll be notified by email
  6. You only pay once and your article will stay online for a lifetime.
 Thank you for your business and we look forward to hear from you.

 Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Will our article and link be live forever on your site? Yes
  • Will the link be “do-follow” permanently? Yes
  • Can you guarantee that the link won’t be marked as rel=” sponsored” or rel= “ugc »? Yes
  • Can you guarantee that the article won’t be prevented from Google indexing on your side? Yes, we always allowbut we don’t guarantee that all search engines will index your post.
  • Will our article be published in one of the categories on the main page of your site? No, it will only be posted on the ‘Other News’ category of our Blog dedicated to non-related drone posts, here.
  • Can you guarantee that you won’t add any other links to our published article later? Yes 
  • Do you have any content requirements (range of words)? Yes, please send us the article in Html. It should includes: one Article with One link (under 800 words) + One Photo + logo + embedded video if you want
  • Will our article be marked in any way (such as “Guest Article” or “Sponsored Article,” etc.)? No
  • What is your preferred payment method ? Stripe (credit/debit card). We will send you an Invoice and link to pay before publishing
  • We accept articles about Finance & CBD: price for publishing those topics is 299€/post.
  • We do not accept those sensitive topics : Online betting; Gambling; Sexuality – Erotic (sensual massage, escort, …); Sex – Porn; Dating/Adult


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