Author: Drone d'image

Nowadays, it’s all about image… Why not let your projects soar high? Previously, aerial photography required a crazy budget, swallowed up by hiring a plane, helicopter or crane. The technique was therefore only accessible to a privileged few. Now, thanks to drone technology, you too can give an incomparable impact to your projects by providing them with aerial photographs and videos at a more equal cost. The possibilities of your creativity are only limited by your imagination. So, embrace a different view from that of your competitors. Drone d’image is a company created by enthusiasts of model aircraft, video and photography. Our biggest motivation is that this passion may match your needs. Father and son are the main players in this family-oriented enterprise. They are pilots, cameramen and editors of simple images, all at the same time. All applications from Belgium or abroad are studied and taken into consideration within the limits of that country's legislation.