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Use SEOquake in SEO 2020 Seoquake is a simple but extremely useful add-on, here are a few pointers on how to use this application to apply in SEO 2020: Page information - basic information of the website This is a page that helps you see parameters on your competitor's site or website, the trick is to analyze your opponent's page information and then add keywords to help your competitors get to the top of your website's information. Xem thêm: SEo Quake - hướng dẫn sử dụng và cách sử dụng trong SEO 2020 Also below is the social network signal of the site, you can see the basic MXH parameters of the opponent thereby increasing the site. SEO earthquake diagnosis This is a tool to help SEO analyze PAGE SEO AUDIT. This tool helps you adjust onpage, access SEO diagnosis function, you will know weak onpage and help you change these indicators if necessary. internal Xem thêm: cách tạo sitemap cho wordpress hướng dẫn sử dụng đơn giản  Study the link system on the overall website This is an important function to help SEOs in navigating google bots, navigating users, overcome algorithmic penalties and especially new SEOs to fix false links. cách sử dụng mailchimp sử dụng mailchimp cho dân marketing chuyên nghiệp In addition, other functions like keyword density checking, URL / domain comparison, etc. Write a standard SEO 2020 article using the Density functionDensity - is a function that helps you analyze keyword density on websites, Density on SEOquake is divided into: Keyword table 1 wordKeyword board 2 wordsKeyword table of 3 wordsTable of 4 word keywords A very good content writing strategy you should apply, using this function, you should list one keyword - four words are keywords related to the main keyword, to add to our article.
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