Auteur/autrice : mbernholdt

I’m inspired by the world surrounding me and my hometown of Naestved, Denmark. Through my photography, I want to capture the beauty of our world and all it’s glory. It is only recently I’ve taken my photography to air. Having the birds perspective, gives me the freedom to see the world from different angles and in different lighting. I’m an amateur photographer, even though I’ve been taking pictures for more than 20 years. I believe that there is always something new to learn, new techniques to explore, and there is always room for growth. I’m married, with no children other than our dog Loki and cat Lucy. Our dog is my forever companion on my excursions and explorations. By taking my photography to air, I want to push my own boundaries and try to capture the nature I so adore in this multi- dimensional world and present it through a two-dimensional tool. I try to keep the integrity of my images by not adding or removing elements from them. I want people to see the documented reality of what I see and not the altered reality. The best part of aerial photography is that I can capture images from the same places I’ve been to a thousand times, and yet, be able to see things differently. After all, I am an amateur photographer looking at the world upside down.