Big Sur, California

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Big Sur, California Series 1 :

One of our favorite spots along the Rt. 1 California coastline. Watching the elephant seals gather on the beach in there natural environment is breathtaking.

Conditions : Early morning with slight fog and minimal wind.
Mendoza, Argentina
Big Sur, California

  1. OMG, this gotta be the best drone picture ive seen by far, not only cause i love those animals but because they are looking at your phantom like whats that, so funny and beauty at the same time, you could have tossed them a dummy controller hahaha and place it on the dronie cat too =) good luck man.

  2. I can’t imagine how you were not in violation of the federal Marine Mammal Protection Act when this image was made. I suggest taking this image down and any others like it so as to—with any luck—avoid having a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service investigator asking you questions and possibly filing charges. I imagine this could get very expensive for you, and most importantly, make life more difficult in the future for other UAS-platform photographers. I guarantee you that the USF&WS will interpret this as “harassment,” even though it may not appear to be so from the animals’ reaction or apparent lack thereof. Had these been walrus, there certainly would have been a stampede, very likely resulting in juvenile fatalities from crushing.