Imperial Mausoleum of Xia , Yinchuan City, Western China

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The sites of the imperial mausoleums were chosen nearby at the east foot of the Helan Mountain, 25 kilometers west of Yinchuan City, Western China.
Known as Oriental Pyramids, the mound relics of Mausoleum of Xia Kingdom look like the Pyramids in Egypt, but based on excavations and architectural researches, these mounds were covered by wooden structures and the whole tomb was surrounded by inner and outer walls, like cities in ancient China. In 1227, Xia Kingdom was conquered by Genghis Khan, he killed all the people, demolish the wooden structures and ruined the underground palaces.
Compared with the curved stripes and dispersive riverbed on the proluvial slope, the straight wall relics is revealable in the photo shot in the early morning with long shadows.
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