Make money from your drone photography



You own a drone and you legally shoot great aerial photos and videos with it?

Not only is time to publish and share it for fun here on DRONESTAG, but maybe you could earn money with your best drone images by applying as a contributor to a drone stock library and start selling – both your footage and stills – for instance on the HOsiHO platform, the new owner of website!

Opportunities for talented Drone Pilots: There are more opportunities for drone pilots to make money than you may think. If you love to film stunning aerial shots, consider selling it through HOsiHO.

Lets have a quick overview of how this can work for our members.


Are Drone Images In Demand?

Are you looking for a way to get paid in return for flying your drone? Do you love filming cinematic shots of beautiful landmarks, and are you willing to respect privacy laws while you do so? If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you’re in luck. Although it may not seem like it at first, there is genuine demand for drone images, and especially those who can produce high-quality aerial stock footage & pictures.



Where Are Drone Videos & Photos In Demand?

HOsiHO is a France-based Aerial & Drone Stock Library that licences (ie. sell rights to buyers) beautiful cinematic shots that were filmed using drones anywhere in the world. The high-definition film clips might last for less than a minute, but they still hold great value to the right client. For example, a small ski resort that is just starting up may want to put quality footage of their hills on their new website to show the area off to potential customers. Perhaps they don’t own a drone themselves, or hold the skills required to shoot a smooth panorama. This ski resort can of course commission a local drone pilot but it might take a long time before getting the perfect shot, depends on the season and the forecast, and it might be more expansive than just buy the stock image from HOsiHO aerial collections. In a word, for a buyer, it is a win-win plan: time & money saver to go straight to a stock image library, and for you, the images content producer, it is another great opportunity to sell it and earn good money!

Is There A Demand For Drone Images I Took While Not On A Specific Commission?

Yes of course!

HOsiHO distributes online a wide range of cinematic drone shots and outstanding aerial photos to anyone wanting to use it for a project. A small nature documentary may want to be licensed to use a beautiful cinematic shot of mountains to transition between one animal to the next. A company that rents out surfboards and jet skis may want to buy a clip of the ocean for their website. An animal researcher may be especially interested in a shot you took that shows animals in the wild, especially if those animals might be too dangerous to approach in person.

If you’re a drone pilot who collects beautiful images but doesn’t know what to do with it, consider selling your footage & pictures through HOsiHO. The team is friendly and is always open to hearing from talented professional UAV drone pilots, and they will help you getting started with the stock images business.


How Can I Get Started?

To get started working with HOsiHO, you should:

  • Already have a portfolio of work available online. You will need to provide examples of your work when you use the Contributor Application Form to apply to HOsiHO.
  • Be an experienced drone pilot in both the technical and the artistic elements of piloting.
  • Handle your equipment safely.
  • Agree to comply with the drone laws in any country you film in. This includes being familiar with small details, such as being required to show a flight permit in countries that require one.


Conclusion : apply as a contributor & get listed on Pro Drone Pilots Directories

As it turns out, there is demand for drone pilots after all. There are so many beautiful landscapes, cities and monuments in the world, so many people who love flying drones, and so many clients looking for aerial images to buy.

HOsiHO intends to be the bridge between them.

Interested in making a living off your drone footage?

Apply to become a contributor today. We encourage you to read the application page in full before applying so you will be familiar with the agreements and copyright principles you are signing on to.

And since you are a professional drone pilot, why not get listed on our Dronestag Worldwide Directory? (see the 5 good reasons to subscribe)

Last but not least, if you are not too familiar with Image banks, consider reading the HOsiHO Image Bank Survival Guide.