Our manifesto

Dronestagram was born in July 2013 from a simple idea: create a place for all the drone image enthusiasts, of which we are a part

The site, launched in just a few hours, immediately met with a success that surprised us. Nothing was ready, we hadn’t even registered it on Google yet, just sent a little note to a few Tech media, and in a few hours, tens of thousands of visitors flooded in.

Obviously we were the first to have this idea, and it seemed like it wasn’t a bad one.

Then everything went very fast, as it often happens with this kind of stuff. We had a series of media mentions all over the world (even on CNN!), hired, raised funds to develop a great platform, expanded partnerships, and launched a unique and unprecedented Global Drone Photography Contest (which has been copied a lot since then).

In short, it was great fun.

Then we didn’t laugh as much. When bureaucrats all over the world started to get interested in the subject of drones, we began to understand that it didn’t smell very good. And indeed what we feared happened: after a great period of freedom during which you could fly your drone just about anywhere and film anything you wanted, rules and restrictions proliferated in all countries, whistling the end of the recreation and killing an outstanding hobby, a source of escape and unprecedented beauty.

But after all these years where many startups evolving in the world of drones have disappeared, Dronestagram is still there, and we are happy and proud to introduce the brand new version of the site, with a lot of new features that will, we are sure, bring back to life this community of enthusiasts that we cherish so much, and that we have never forgotten.

We now see Dronestagram as an images and services platform for the community of aerial image hunters

We now see Dronestagram as a platform of images and services for the community of aerial image hunters (often the craziest ones). There is no longer a video section on the site, as we consider that republishing clips taken from YouTube is of no interest and brings no value to the site. On the other hand we really want to focus on photography, its magic, its timeless and not very sensitive to fashion beauty.

On the other hand, we will develop many sections around drone photography in the coming months.

We are happy to see you again. Prepare your best shots, publish them here, share, react, discuss, we’ll take care of the rest!

Welcome back.