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Patagonia Drone Footage Filmed in 4K RAW, Chile and Argentina

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4K video Ultra HD, filmed with Inspire 1 Raw drone in Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) Rendered to 4K 60fps 2160p UHD film rendered from raw footage.

Droning around the American southwest desert
The 747 Project

  1. This is available in 4K you idiots. Im using a badass 1440p/165ghz/1ms gaming monitor but the 4k option is available for me but obvious it wont go over 1440p.

  2. Testing my new Fibre speed. Finally can breath normally with 2160p 60fps. Thanks for the beautiful footage. This inspire me to travel more instead of just sitting in front of the computer. The world truly is a beautiful place created for all mankind and the rest of the lives. 1080p now is slowly becomes obselete.

  3. Que imagens lindas que perfeição da natureza obra de Deus,não sei se há planetas habitáveis lá fora, mas igual ao planeta terra duvido Deus é perfeito para -nos oferecer tamanha dádiva como nosso planeta terra.